Sometime’s life sucks. Really. No Joke. I think that everyone handles a bowl full of suck completely differently. For myself, I tend to wallow in my bowl of suckiness, do a few back strokes, really enjoy the experience. Actually I am rather manic when life hands me lemons, going back and forth between being overly joyful and upbeat, to locking myself in my head, thinking about things that are really not helpful to me nor anyone else. Sometimes my lack of joie de vivre, spills into Second Life.

I am totally anti-social, in Second Life. I swear to God most of my activities involve being alone. I tried to engage in social activities from time to time in SL,but often I revert to just doing “Suri stuff”. “Suri Stuff” is quite mundane and doesn’t need to be elaborated on. I never feel lonely, sometimes bored, but I would take bored over feeling socially akward any day. Often I wonder why I am not able to don a cape of “normality” and head off into the world. The honest question to that answer is that, I can’t be fucked, and you know what I kinda like hanging out with myself. Did I mention I am an only child.

Lately, I have been less anti-social, it has been happening slowly;emphasis on the slowly. I feel lucky to have met a few people in Second Life, that I now call friends. People whom I look forward to speaking with, who share my interests, and who have made me rethink the whole living in a cave thing. So…you people, here are my notes to you, because you are special to me, and inspire me in so many ways. I also want to say please forgive me for being a spaz sometimes, as well as somewhat incoherent, and indecisive.

You are like a positive energy black hole, I always feel more purposeful after speaking to you, and that life is Sunny and shit. I also think that you are full of love, and sassiness at times. I just think it is totally awesome how you like to get shit done. I spend days finding a shirt, meanwhile you have taken on the world. Thank you for all the support and understanding. Oh yeah, I am totally going to have my blog assigment done soon…Anorexic Breedable epidemic coming right up!

Often times, I feel like I am running to catch up with you since my brain is like 90 years old evidently. I admire your honesty, frankness, sense of style, and your opinion. I like to listen when I am around you, because I always learn something, whether I realize it at the time or not. You are confident, intelligent, earnest, and most importantly a good friend. I am often flaky, confused, and insecure, so I am just going to keep rubbin’ up on you and hope your youness rubs off on me. Thank you for always trying to help me with everything, in real life and second life…even when I am totally in helpless mode.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy…where do I begin about Phenix, erm I like you very much, and feel like somehow we share the same brain at times, though I think you got the smart half. Our relationship is effortless. You are a busy bee doing this, that, and I don’t know what else, but you always make time to run to my aid, even if I am too stupid to ask…You are my lighting, Goddess. I know you got my back, and will forgive me when I showed up to the fight 15 minutes late, because I was out getting a bazooka.

You are the coolest German I know, well besides Bunny, who we both know is infinetly cooler. There are lot’s of things that I think are special about you, I could go on and on, but let’s make this list short. You are patient, kind, and loyal. Most importantly you listen to my nonsense and pretend that it sounds sensical. You coax me out of my sl cave, with a trail of poses, and other photo props, and I’s luv’s you for it. You take the time, to try to get to know me, when other’s have run away screaming. Plus you are a photographical genius. Is photographical a word? You inspire me, actually the crew you run with, are not only inspirational, but so fucking kick ass. Anywho, I think you are really, really, Goodlooking, just like Zoolander, but I like your brain better. There is always a peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting in my cave, just don’t rez a pose stand on it.

Thank you all for being my friend!
I love you, even if I wasn’t extremely elegant in this pose, I have issues expressing affection.


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  1. Mwah, Mwah, Mwah! You rock girl, are you a spaz? I hadn’t noticed Honey because you are just all kinds of wonderful and sassy yourself, lol. :P

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