I love that word…preview; I think that “preview” supersedes “new” on the Suri excitement scale. So when I read this post on Iki Ikarus’s blog, I was super stoked. Now, I do love skin’s and getting preview skins, or new skins always sends me running to join a vip group if it is available, and lucky for you and me, Dutch Touch has a VIP Group, 250L to join, and like Tuli Skins, it is way worth it. Say it with me in slow motion. P-R-E-V-I-E-W. So hurry, hurry, hurry this skin may still be out on the floor, and it could be in your size 15 hands, in a matter of moments.

I have always thought that Iki’s skins had a “look”. You know what I mean, some skin’s you instantly know, who the creator is, and other skin’s…I am not sure if it is lack of notoriety from the designer, or their skin being more malleable depending on shape, but some skin’s you see on other av’s and it is kinda a guessfest on who the creator is. Neither in my opinion is bad, sometimes, I like to walk around and feel like no one knows what skin I am wearing, I know, someone know’s but don’t ruin my fantasy or air of mystery. On other day’s I am drawn to a more iconic look; so I don the skins of signature skin artists, like Dutch Touch, LAQ, Glam Affair or Lelutka.

You know though what is the absolute best is when a signature skin designer’s look evolves, and though I am not an expert, I beleive that Iki’s has. Her most recent releases Yri and Jip (yes, I am kicking myself because I had not joined the VIP group when a coffee tone Yri was available for free) have very interesting faces. I am such a face person when it comes to skins. Often I buy skins because I am sold on the face, and rarely look at their bodies…for a few reasons. One, I am too lazy to take off the clothes I have on, because it took me 20 minutes to get dressed. Two, who the hell is going to be looking at my av naked except me. Three, seams…elbows, knees, I don’t even know what to look for there because I never get naked.

So back to Dutch Touch…yes, I major in digression. Her faces, are beautiful but a bit quirky, which I love, and though you can tell they are Dutch Touch, you can also see the personality of the owner of the skin. This is the marriage that I am always looking for when it comes to skins. No, I have yet to purchase Yri and Jip, because I just bought a fatpack this weekend of Glam Affair skins, but I suggest you run over to Dutch Touch and try them. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised, also if you can catch the preview skins, Iki’ is taking suggestions and comments, the info you can find in her blog.

I shot these photo’s in my new Scene-O-Rama, it is insane, and you should totally see it, if you are a photographer or a wannabe like me. IM me in world, if you would like to see it.

Listening to: Liz Phair-Fuck and Run

Suri is wearing:

Skin: ::Dutch Touch:: JoSje Caramel- Eyliner lip
Lashes:Glow Studio-Devilicious
Eyes: Poetic Colors

Makeup Tattoo:Glam Affair (TDR)*might be TDR Blue and is out now so two links
Hair: (Posh)
Dress: (WY)Chic Bond Dress
Stockings: *Sheer*
Shoes: (Royal Blue) Secretary Dream Pumps
Clutch: Lelutka
Earrings: Glow Studio (TDR)
Necklace: *[Mandala]-Hannya Necklace

Bracelet: Shade Throne (TDR)
Poses: *everglow*