Review Policy

Who knew this day would come? : )

Okay… I am not a fashion blogger, more of a photography blogger. Often  I am shocked when people send me review copies, so if I am like “Thank you” or give some equally boring response. Now you know why, so I am very sorry in advance, really I am in a state of shock. I am so thankful and amazed when someone thinks I can showcase their product, it is a huge honor, and involves a level of trust. It is paramount to me that your item look it’s best, therefore I won’t snap and blog just for blogging sake, which is easier said then done. So say you send me something next week, and then two months later I use it, or four months later, it is not a reflection of my opinion of your work; more a reflection on my own skill level.  If I can’t showcase something to my best ability, I won’t blog it until I feel like I can do it justice. A side note is that my styling skills aren’t as strong as my photography skills (it is a learning process). I can barely throw together a look a day, and sometimes “my looks” or “shoots” don’t go as well as I intend them to.  I am a tortoise, if you get my drift.

If you are interested in my style…if you could call it that please look at my portfolio. Click Here

Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate you and your “youness”, greatly.

Suri Yangtz


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