Vive9 Iman

Just a quick little post, because I have been in skin nirvana the last three days. This is from Vive9, and I am sure it is already blown up on the blogs…but now you get to hear my take. This is Vive9 Iman in walnut. I love love love, the model Iman Chanel, and there have been a few skins that have tried to do her justice, I beleive that this one definetly succeeds. Yes it has been processed, but it is freaking fabulous just as it is. You should run to Vive9 and demo demo demo. BTW, they have some cute boots, shorts, and a bag; I swear the longer I spend in a store the more I buy.
Hair: Lamb! (Hairfair)
Skin: Vive9 Iman-walnut
Eyes: Exodi
Lashes: Deviliscious, Glow Studio
Jacket: *gasp*
Earthingies: Rozoregalia
*will add links in the am