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First off…I am so sorry for totally going MIA. I had a friend/family emergency, which stretched out longer than I anticipated. My darling friend who is recovering and doing much better than the initial prognosis, lives about 5 states away, and is in the dark ages. She has dial up…no cable, etc etc. So I haven’t been able to really log in, plus playing nurse kept me extra busy. Needless to say, I have to play catch up with work, and a few other things not regarding work. Summer is still in full swing, with the holiday weekend and family being in town etc etc…It may take me a few weeks until I am blogging again. So i would like to say thank you to the individuals who have been so kind to me as a burgeoning blogger such as, Journey Lorakeet, Applonia Criss, Faint Paulse, Marcantonio, Tanaquil Beaumont, Steffy Ghost, Luana, The Glam Affair team, Flickr supporters, and everyone who takes a look at the blog, and my in world friends…who have put up with numerous crashes, photo-taking pissy behavior, lack of responses to im’s…and of course being MIA.

I should be back blogging a bit later in September or October. I have also decided while I have been gone, not to take any more promo copies. Given my track record I think designers deserve someone who is a complete professional regarding their blogging activities.

Okay so two things this week, I will have two friendship pose sets at Fashionably Late, priced at 50L, and will include a copy version and a trans version. So you can give one to a friend, these were inspired by my friend Journey Lorakeets vision, and have been featured in my blog.

Two, my little store is having a sale. All pose sets are 50L, and single poses are 10L. There is also an almost freebie located in the store, so you will have to tp in to find it. The sale will last from September 4th – September 11th.

Thanks so much everyone,

Suri Yangtz

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