Lost Signal

I am so behind. Beyond behind. So, what is crackin’? Personally, I have started taking a few classes outside of sl, and entered a competition in SL, where I felt way out of my league…depth?The Fashion big leagues, where I felt a bit like a marauder, but extremely flattered to even be involved, and getting to actually talk to people I admire, and consider to be mentors. I never thought I would be able to actually have discourse with these individuals besides, OMG! I’s loves you, all day long on flickr, admiring from afar… Yes, that was me in your prim rose-bush. Essentially, my av now has an ulcer.

On the positive side things are starting to fall back into place in rl and in sl. Managing a balance between Second Life and Real Life, is hard for me. However, I try to keep in mind that I started this blog to work on a skill, it is the work that is important. There will be times I back slide, times I put this blog to the side, but we are all on different trajectories. I like to break it down into people who are hobbyists regarding goals at this moment is to figure out how to actually use CS5. I am like *head scratch. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, people create beautiful work when they put work and time in. I am flaky about both of these things for instance I took these photos back in the early October, and just am getting around to “publishing them.” I have a lot of pictures sitting in my ‘need to be edited pile’. I at least got around to finishing 4 looks, despite me being like…I dunno about these, it is the process. The process…process.

 I wanted to play with the neon palate that Faint Paulse presented in her Modavia Fashion Week Fall release. It was really beautiful. Cuz y’alls know I love me some color. Color fiend, I am. Suri is more of a ready to wear girl, but I am still in awe of Faint, but don’t feel confident enough to really go for the full look, which is always amazing. The other thing that I love about Faint is the fact that she is always thinking about versatility, different layers, ways to utilize the whole garment. She now has these really gorgeous Angel collection right now. It is magnificent, and even if you feel outclassed, gussy up, make a wine spritzer, and have your av walk down a make shift catwalk, while blaring music from your iTunes. I guess I am the only one who may do this.

The details…


Skin: Inaya  > Skin Jenine < no base hair (under construction)
Eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Cocoa/S
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
Hair:KLETVA-ELLI Hair/Diamond White
Hair base:MrS –  platinum hairbase tattoo 2
Makeup:Nuuna’s makeup v6 8b


Skirt:[LWL] Bodycon opaque cutout pencil
Top: PaperBag. tribal-chic-bustier-top-#1 1
Jacket: Fly Jacket– GATO


Pumps: [LWL] MFW11 “Got Soul” (Cornflower/black)


Gloves: !Faint LL Leopard Gloves (blue)
Tights: Mstyle Ears Tights – Black
Ear piercing:[MANDALA]lust
Septem piercing:(Medley)Shadow Piercings v2


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