Oh Happy Day – Quick Post

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Oh Happy Day…

 Oh happy day (oh happy day)
 Oh happy day (oh happy day)
 When Milok Released (when Milok released)
 When Milok Released (when Milok released)
 Milok Released (when Milok released)
Dark complected Skins (oh happy day)
 Oh happy day (oh happy day)

A light shined from the heavens for a moment, probably more likely I was suffering from eye strain, but I am setting a scene here…so go with it.

Behold! The skin’s Yuri and Maria, said the voice inside of my head.

I began to do my church pew bob and weave while sitting in front of my computer.

I have been waiting for this day, I wasn’t sure if it would ever come, but I had faith in Milok. Now prior to the release of Yuri and Maria, Milok had gone tan; which I wasn’t complaining about. Mother Goose is one of the few stores that I will by fairer complected skins from, just because I love how each skin she creates is so different from any other skin store in second life.

Now, I understand that skin preference is rather specific for most people in SL. Some people never change skins, or it is like a once a year thing where they experience gut wrenching agony over choosing “that new skin”. Other people care more about whats goin’ on under the neck, paired with a pretty face for good measure. You have people who lean towards skins that are a less mainstream, which tends to be more about the face; because if it is less mainstream below the neck I…well..I don’t really know what that would entail, but whatever works for you.

So since this is kinda sorta a skin post let me make it clear.

I am not a skin blogger. I do not look at seams,toes, hands, boob/crotch shading. I don’t even take my av’s clothes off to judge a skin. I mean Suri is always clothed unless trying to put a look together.

I like Mothergoose’s skins and that’s it. I love these new releases all of them, even the fairer ones. I love them all indescriminately; but I am so freakin’ jazzed whenever a skin creator goes dark.I just want to be clear, I am not saying that dark complected skins need to have African features, there are all types of brown people in the world, and all types of people of African descent who look a multitude of ways.

I dig the fact that Milok keeps things affordable, and offers a lucky board with even her new releases in the mix.. I also like that she keeps her perspective, while creating skins that get better and better with each new release.

I heart you Milok!

*These photos have just been taking using windlights/shadows, the only editing work included liquifying the cracked out edges around the face, hair and neck.

Yuri is available right now at Mother goose. Five skins with teeth/no teeth option and shape for 500Lindens.


Okay about what I am wearing, to be honest I just slapped it together, but I think I look cute. This dress is a steal at Fashionably Late, it is by House of Fox, who can do no wrong. This is the quintessential little Black dress. Think Audrey.

The jewelry is Lagyo, I know butterflies, and butterflies, but I love this collar, and I love adding prim objects to my av evidently.

The boots I am wearing are from Baiastice, I know you can barely see them, but they are so affordable. (300L) Miss Sissy, has a new fall collection, so mosey on over.

Oh and here is a video link if you weren’t quite sure what beat you should be bobbin’ and weavin’ to.



-Styling Details-

Skin:.::Mother Goose’s::. YUri II -4teeth
Eyes:.ID. Light Sensitive/Bloodshot – Light Brown
Hair/Hair Base:(epoque hair) Hairbase – Rust
(epoque hair) Brunch Queen – Earth

Nails:[mock] Nuit Mock Nails [glove layer]

Jewelry: LaGyo Florie Chien Ring, & Stones butterfly collar 3
Leggings: Zaara : 9 Nishar leggings*burnt olive*

Dress:HouseofFox :: Posh @ Fashionably Late

Boots: Baiastice-Nicki Ankle Boots

Olive juice Buttefly Set
Cheerno Fall Butterflies

White butterfly (large): part of an outfit click here (Sooo spring dress) Vita Boudoir