If I Fall…will you catch me?

—-Disclaimer…due to my not blogging for so long…there is going to be a lot of incessant boring chatter.; its been a month or so, that’s a lot of chatter to make up for. Just scroll down to the bottom of the  page if you are just like wtf is your av wearing, I didn’t sign up to read War and Peace. I am going to be doing a few fall-ey posts this week, just because I am all jazzed about fall. Similar lighting, same location. All photos taken in Roche —-

Okay I think I am semi-officially back to blogging. I have taken a few images recently, after spending the week getting accustomed to the new viewer. I also had to boost my power wattage regarding my computer, but now it isn’t over heating and er…stuff. Really, I am lucky power wattage is a relatively affordable upgrade.

So..Miss Applonia Criss not only had an amazing show at Fall 2011 SL Fashion week, but homegirl also has additional Fall items. I don’t know how she does it, and that’s okay cuz she looks fabulous doing it, and some of that fabulosity rubs off on me, since I love her work. The jacket (part of a suit), and the skirt (part of a dress) are so effortless. This is why I love CHANTKARE. I know you are thinking like why you always all up in CHANTKARE’S grill, because the brand is fabulous. Look at this jacket…and the pattern on the skirt (part of a dress). Mix n match seperates…that is all I am going to say. Miaa Rebane (guest starring Takeshi), have  a great post featuring the dress, in case you want to see it, in the way the designer envisioned it. I won’t go on and on about how I obsessed I am with certain blogs (points to Takeshi’s and Miaa’s blogs) but lets just say there are probably around 30 bloggers whom I get totally worked up in a tizzy about.


Okay my new blogging mantra…policy…feel good opportunity?

I have made a few rules for myself regarding blogging/taking photos in SL…1) even though I am a blog and flickr whore, I am not going to read them every morning religiously. Why may you ask, isn’t being a blog/flickr whore much safer than being a whore whore. Well yes it is, and I am sure much less work too. I just don’t want to be influenced about what I choose to blog. I am a terribly slow blogger photographer, I am not a perfectionist or anything, but just slow. So when I look at the feeds and what not, I get all…”Oh no…I just put a similar outfit together using 2 out of the 10 items so and so already posted.” This was something I was like uber concerned about in the past. I still feel a bit iffy about it; therefore I will link to the blog/flickr of the person whom I feel like may be like…”That damn Suri…copying my style.” This style overlapping typically only happens when items are newly released. There are so many talented bloggers/photographers in SL at the moment, like seriously talented… it is bound to happen that fashion geniuses will think along similar lines at times.

I am soo not a fashion genius…but end up wearing a lot of newer releases because despite my dedication to keeping my inventory straight; I also have a multiple personality disorder which causes me to keep reorganizing at a whim because the previous way I have decided doesn’t work. Did I mention I am glutten for punishment?  So thereto…therefore…ergo..haha! Ergo, newer releases are typically not shelved into categories yet and fresh on my mind, hence the blogging overlap.

Back to the rules. 2) I am not going to stress…this is easier said then done. I am not going to think to myself, does Suri look like a cracked out homeless person, or boho chic? I am just going to go with it. After all blogging is about your personal perspective. If my overly assecorized primmed out av looks fabulous in my mind, it’s going up.

3) I am going to keep to my goals regarding my blog. They are really simple…I would like to be accepted eventually to any sl feed I admire. I hope that occasionally people find my posts interesting. I would like to meet other bloggers and people who share my passion for fashion and photography in SL. I figure a lot of shopaholics, bloggers, photographers, are pretty anti-social, since those types of activities take up time, but I can still hope. *Looks off wistfully in the distance…. I would also like to eventually be confident enough in my photography skills, to maybe attempt photography for an SL magazine…I can dream right?

4) I want to remain thankful. I love to complain, complaints are  like chips; can’t stop at one. To be honest though I am really fortunate to be able to log into sl, shop like a Tasmanian devil, and have the time to work on pictures etc.

5) My last rule, I want to keep learning. I know that SL is a hobby, but I still feel like…Yes! ( *arm pump) when I figure something out in PS; or learn some nifty new trick, or have people ask me if I happen to know some nifty new trick. The answer to the latter question is no…but I will happily point you in the direction of smart people who do.

Also also also!!! I just wanted to say what I wonderful week I had in sl attending Modavia Fashion Week. It was amazing. One of the rare occasions that I got to cam…SL heroes of mine. I am like socially dysfunctional, so…I didn’t really work up the courage to speak to many of the said heroes. If you haven’t already gone…go to Modavia. I will provide a link. It is like a fall fashion goodness all bundled in a very laggy mall. Some items are packaged for the event, so don’t freak out if the price tag is crazy; I am assuming many of the items are going to be repackaged. I was so hardcore about fashion week. I left my av logged in all hours of the day just so I could “get in to certain shows.” Erm, now that I have mentioned this if you would like to beat me for unintentional lag, or it took you 4 hours to get into the sim. You can typically find me in the air above my little store say 3000 feet. Just don’t hit my face, it is my money-maker. It isn’t… but I have always wanted to say that.

Embrace the slowness that is Suri.

-Styling Details-

Skin: [LeLutka]-FLUTTER-Mocha/DB/-mk3 (I added a tanner so just

keep that in mind. )
Eyes:.ID. Light Sensitive/Bloodshot – Light Brown
Hair:!lamb. Bob – Snickers (Chocolate Bars Pack) (this was from

a tester pack at the hair fair but I think it is very similar

to the classic bob in the !Lamb store)

-Tattoo layers- (how I love thee, even if I am ruthed at times)
Nails: [mock] Dark Bronze Nail Polish *new release
Freckles: !Imabee: Roots – Olivia – Freckles doubleEffect (came

with a skin purchase)

Undershirt: (fd) Polkadot Sweetheart (Blood Orange)
Jacket: CHANTKARE BELLEVIEW JACKET *a Fall 2011 release
Skrit: From the CHANTKARE I tought so Dress. *a Fall 2011 release
Mittens:Reek – Cozy Mittens – Navy
Hosiery- Shiny Things– Solid thigh-highs – acid (gift could be

available still)
Boots:MIEL * LIA BOOTS  (color changeable so like 5 pairs in

one… easy on your wallet and your inventory *winks)
Headbandy thingy:[kik]feather-head dress II (is part of one of

hair releases from the Hair fair, so you can’t purchase


First Image (Suri Yangtz *part of a new pose pack yet to be vendored up)
Second Image (pda) -non 50l Friday item
Third Image [LAP] ground sits


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