From Mago with Love

Below in the style details there are so many stores listed that I adore for different reasons.

[Lelutka]: a fashion empire, I really love everything Lelutka, but I really heart on their dark skins, shoes and assecories.

MrS (Tuty’s and Mr. Sigmunds) : a very quirky oddball shop, with uncovered gems. I am especially digging their hairbases at the moment, as well as their vintage hair.

Baiastice: Incredible clothing, but really I am obsessed with their hair attachments. If you love hair attachments the way I do, pop on over they are affordable and come with multiple colors, so a steal in my humble opinion.

Dutch Touch/ Piddidle: Makeup…I have an ongoing love affair with cosmetics in SL, I love how both these brands product works with multiple skin tones. Piddidle just released this diamond cutter extreme blush layer ( a little reminiscent of Gaga), really gorgeous and can give your skin a little lift. Dutch Touch besides making gorgeous skins, makes amazing lipstick and lip gloss. If you are a dark skin lover like myself, her packs for her dark skins is essential. Essential, beleive me on that one, you need these in a major way.

CHANTKARE: My aesthetic really meshes with this brand. I pop over to Applonia’s store all the time, and always find something new that I hadn’t noticed before or was just being a blind idiot. Ms. Criss’s love for fashion is evident, and she pours all that love into her fashion forward fresh creations. She has more than one store on the Tabula sim, a basic store, more couture wear etc etc. Recently she released her Private Collection this past Friday, so the amazingly textured hat I am wearing is available. Texture, quality, and general amazingness can always be found at CHANTKARE.

Okay thanks everyone for listening to my fangirl litany. Below are the styling details.

-Style Details-
SKIN: [Lelutka] -LOLA_dark-makeup3 (DBrows)
Hair: Baiastice-Zena Hair ATTACHEMNT
Hair base: MRS -black base hair
Eyes: [Lelutka]-Ellis-Cocoa/M

Nails: Candy Nail #G001 Basic Nails Brown 03
Cheeks: PIDIDDLE -CheekDefinition – Diamond cut (available for all skin tones) – Thank you so much Brutus.
Teeth: [:T:] Prted lips 4 free on the marketplace
Lipstick : ::dt:: Lipsticks TEKLA Ebony Tones NR 27
Lashes : HOF wing Lashes

Skirt: CHANTKARE Floral Edge Skirt (olive)
Under Layered Top: part of CHANTKARE Leoprad Silk Dress Citrus

Upper layered Top: PaperCouture Waves of Silk rose (Shirt, Rose, sash) *part of gown.

Earrings: CHANTKARE Petah Earrings
Hat: Chantkare sun haute Femme 2011 (Part of the recently released Private Collection) Thank you so much Ms. Criss.
Bracelet: Miel Lun Bracelet
Bag: SAIKIN straw bag k8 petals
Bracelet 2: (Kunglers Extra) Marajoara -nature.

Sandals: [bellballs] Studded Strappy Sandals