!Sport (part one) Featuring Chantkare

This idea has been floating around in mind for sometime, but I was STUCK. Luckily My Fairy Godmother dropped this on me aka Applonia Criss. I am new to this whole style game and sometimes can’t reconcile the concepts I have in my mind with my skill set; another issue is making it work in SL. I am highly reliant on the creativity and genius of creators, all I do is capture their brilliance.

One of my favorite stores in SL is CHANTKARE. I actually go there so much I should be arrested for stalking. Applonia works incredibly hard, she always has something new…and her pieces are eye grabbing. The other day I was talking to my friend Journey, the style maven…about the EUPHORIA Style Wars Challenge, there is a questionnaire and one of the questions was: You have five minutes to get dressed what do you put on?

Due to my tortoise like nature, I said maybe I should put down “my wig.” I thought about the question, and though I am a wall flower for the most part if I have to go to an event in SL or want to bring a strong visual presence to an image, the place I go is CHANTKARE. Applonia’s clothing just speaks to me, I was pleasantly surprised by this Poncho, though prim, it has a weight and malleability. It is not only beautiful but easy to work with, and unforgettable.

This gorgeous poncho, is available tomorrow 6.10.2011, part of CHANTKARE’s Private Collection release. Here is a link to Journey’s amazing  post also featuring Private Collection items. I am buying everything…no joke. Also please keep up with Applonia’s blog,  not only is it awesome, but you can keep up with all the CHANTKARE events; cuz, I often kick myself like damn I missed that ensemble. Then I rue the day, and wave my fist at the sky.

Okay don’t get me started on the body co. they are trying to financially bankrupt me. They keep releasing, and like the addict I am I keep buying. Their skins are mesmerizing and photograph soooo beautifully. I am in love so much…that I busted out a MALT, so I could by the male skins. *Sighs.

Last but not lease is Emery…I heart you and all your colors, it is almost summer and the party is always going at CHANTKARE. COLOR…there is nothing like it.

Okay here are the details…thank you for reading. Hopefully this is part one of my !Sport focused post… I am so sorry for the small font, I keep trying to use typefont but it has been a little haywire. I will try to work it out.

*if you would like to see the pictures larger either click on each image or click here.

On Suri:

-Styling Details-
Skin: the body co. Orchid (08 dark) – blonde hair
Eyes: TA EYES California HAY (small, egg)
Hair: Analog Dog eq braid maple (tinted)

Full face: the body co. Orchid (08 Dark) – makeup (play)
Lashes: L.Fauna Lashes [Pretty] and [Underlashes]
Nails: [PM]Nails Sculpted Nails V2 fetish

Eye makeup (patch) – Lapin by Vivica Bernitz (store under renovation)

Poncho: CHANTKARE Easy Spring Poncho *to be released tommorow
Tank: CHANTKARE TODAYS TANK BLACK *to be released tommorow
Skirt: Emery – Skirt Highwaisted Striped #White

Belt: R.icielli -VANESSA belt/black Ice
Cuff: [[SHADE Throne]] The Theory Bracelet

Sneakers Sandals: ::7S::NK-gladiator Sandals

On Malt:

-Styling Details-
Skin: the body co. Fox (08 Dark) bald (worn)
Eyes: [Lelutka] – Reflections – Sunrise Eyes
Hair/ Hair base – **Dura – bOY** 17 (Chocolate)resize

Pants: Emery Pant Harem R.F.Parrot
Jamb: [CheerNo] Prince. FRANK Jamb
Tops: Emery– Tank R.F Men #Burgundy, NSD Bonjour Tank 5, [NSD] Rebel Tshirt Orange

Watch: Emery– Cammo Watch

Sandals: :SEY Menfas/BLUE


DARE and Del May (the couples pose is Del May Journey)


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