…the end of the Line. (inspired by a myriad of 80’s movies and music videos)

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Onslaught of images…I know. Don’t blame me, blame the designers. Iki, first the lady behind Dutch Touch, for releasing three skins this week. Dutch Touch somehow manages to always look like Duth Touch, but changes the face enough that it feels fresh, for each release. I actually hadn’t logged on in a couple of days, but when I saw the announcement on Flickr, that Iki had released new skins, I was like a dog staring at a bone.

Secondly you can blame the designer behind 69, who released two new hairs this week. I love this style because it can be so gloriously 70’s or early 80’ish, but can also be very modern. Also this week VACKRA, has this super cute jumpsuit, 70 lindens people at The Fashion Garrett. There are some other amazing designers at TFG so get your laggy booty over there.

The shoes, from baiastice are not new, but are simply gorgeous and I am not the kinda girl to get her panties in a wad over a shoe purchase. I am just being honest, but this years shoe fair…I admit I bought several pairs of wedges, and a few pairs of heels that I am absolutely in love with.

 Now about this blog post, since I pictured you to death, it is because I felt this Footloose, Jack and Diane video feel (John Mellencamp) feel. I spent a lot of time in front of the television in my youth, and watched soo many eighties flicks. Sometimes  a girl just has to leave the country… I am hoping Suri is going to go meet the “dangerous guy, who is really just misunderstood”; then they will enter a dance contest and ride off into the sunset, or at least a black corvette. Thanks so much for viewing…Suri.

…Styling Details…

-Body Details-
Skin: ::DT:: ::FieP:: DarkOLIVE-MakeUp Nr1CLA
Eyes: Theological Afterthought Eyes California HAY (small, Egg)
Hairbase: booN gathered lower hairbase chestnut
Hair: [69] BELL 02 – Light Mocha –

Lashes: ::DT:: ::MakeUP:: EyeLashes
Dimples/Freckles: L.Fauna Dimples Freckles [Tan]

Top: (NO) Lacey Henley – Pink
Pants: FAB.PONY “Chloe” Jeans (Pale Blue)

Necklace: Miel Lun Necklace
Belt: Nyte ‘N’ Day – Ginger Belt – Burnt/ Silver Studs
Hat: Reek- Ween Cowboy Hat (down-girls)
Ring: boho – Love Earth Ring – Turquoise

Cowboy boots: Hoorenbeek


-Body Details-
Skin: ::DT:: ::FieP:: DarkOLIVE-MakeUp Nr5 CLA
Eyes: [Lelutka] – Ellis- coca/M
Hairbase:booN gathered lower hairbase chestnut
Hair: [69] BELL 02 – Light Mocha –

Shadow: *BOOM* Down to Basics shadow – lavender
Lashes: Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Lashes B Black
Nails: Candy nail # G001 Basic Nails purple
Eyeliner: [glow] studio – Eyeliner. Boat

Jumpsuit: VACKRA Iman Jumpsuit (TFG)

Belt: Fleshtone: Python onyx (part of a pant set)
Clutch: [JEALOUS] mat snake clutch bag black

Wedges: Baiastice Maxine Wege gold Python

*poses (I have been so bad about this) mostly from Di’s , and skin and bones