True Colors

I think in SL peoples true color’s eventually show through, whether good or bad. Social interactions, often times are tricky to navigate. Advice can be even trickier to dole out. Sometimes friendships are lost over a communication gap that can not be bridged. It has gotten to the point where I am able to recognize a communication break down but that doesn’t mean that I have the power to fix it. No matter how well you know someone in Second Life, you aren’t truly privy to their thoughts, therefore you have to look at your relationships history. In my opinion there are many unhealthy relationships in SL, sometimes the way to save a relationship is by stating how you really feel; not what you think the other person wants to hear. Eventually “I’m sorry.”, just becomes another excuse.

Lot’s of love to all,

P.S. I had a lot of difficulties getting this post blogged, I think that Kirsten’s and my recently fruitful relationship may be over and in that spirit I have a song I would like to dedicate to the viewer.   Press play. I will always love you Kirsten’s….

-Styling Details-

Skin: *x*plosion Bella Skin wf E1
Eyes: ::Exodi :: Tetra Eyes – Naturals (Ash) (Small)
Hair: Baiastice -Invasion Hair attachment Red Sunkissed
Hairbase: :unBra: Hairbase for *redux C*skins/RED 3
Lashes: [[Mozz]] Lashes (version 2)

Lipstick: ::DT:: ::Jaliah:: Ebony – Lipstick – nr 11
          :: DT :: Lipsticks TEKLA Ebony Tones – nr 27
Eyeliner: *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed) Turqouise

Top: C’est Moi! tshirt so many feathers blue
Pants:(includes belt) Fleshtone :: High-Waisted Silk Harem Pants [Emerald}

Earrings: LaGyo Esques Earrings Gold
Necklace: LaGyo Lenis Necklace gold
Glasses: .:*December:. Glasses No. 48
Gloves: *Shai* Brown Short Riding Gloves *part of an outfit
Glove cuffs:[CALPYSO GIANO] Gloves.
Clutch: [ORTA] – Stella clutch in Zest

Sandals: Slink Marie Roman Sandals in Red

HMAEM *closed.


2 thoughts on “True Colors

  1. Hello Suri,

    I unfortunately have to agree with you about relationships in SL, though I would extend it to RL too. Saying “I am sorry” is somewhat easy and often comes too late when arm has been done. It is difficult to restore respect and trust when you have hurt the other a bit too much, a bit too often. “Friendship” often goes one way, with one helping the other much more. That is generaly when you realize it is not real friendship, when you realize you care much more and that it is not reciprocated and when you have to move on.

    About the P.S. : I have had a lot of troubles with Kirsten’s some time ago. I eventualy inunstalled it completely (even the hidden with WL settings, logs, etc) and reinstalled a the S21.5 build. Since then, I have much less troubles. I went from impossible to even move the camera to something a bit laggy in heavy areas but which is very usable for photography. I also use Kirsten’s only when I have to to take pics. I avoid touching any settings as it is usualy when it begins to lag to death. It is not that I am in love with Kirsten’s viewer but official and beta won’t allow me to take as high resolution snapshots or I crash wayy too much, so… I take care of my Kirsten’s viewer until it shows it is not a friend :)


  2. Tana…I just saw this response, it somehow went to my spam; and I am so not tech savvy. I agree with you one hundred percent. I think that if you find yourself confused about your relationship with someone then youneed to step back and evaluate the push and pull in the relationship. Everyone learns in their own due time, I think with SL everything is just sped up; and it is true it get’s to a point sometimes when you can’t go back. I wrote this post a little out of frustration, a friend of mine has been having this friendship in SL that I feel is really volatile, but she can’t seem to walk away or stand up for herself. I think we have all be there, but you have to gain perspective, and that is true in life in general. Kirstens and me, it is like a freakin soap opera…lol. Really I love her, then she does me wrong, and I am like WHY!!!! Why!!!! Kirsten’s viewer, you used to love me. I feel it is a bit like a game, uninstall, reinstall, different build, wear your lucky socks, pray, only eat asparagus. I don’t even attempt to take pictures on the weekend anymore. I just realized it wasn’t worth the frustration. You know I was going to say that your photos are so beautiful, and I love your work; would have no idea you also have been fighting the viewer battle. Also, I really love your new assecories blog, very cool, and needed. Wonderful work as always, and thanks for responding to my post with such heartfelt words.

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