The pose fair cometh

So…it has been a busy week. I am attempting to get all my ducks in order for the upcoming 2011 Pose Fair…yay!!!! I am a bit scared that people will be like, you should just stick to breathing…and thats it. Hopefully people will like the poses I have been making. Each set comes with a styling card, a loaded stand per set, a poster of the full set and a pose ball (you can dump a pose at a time in), that was all I could think of in reguards to making peoples lives easier. I have tons of poses and have no clue what they look like etc, it is a hot mess in my inventory, and it is a shame because there are so many wonderful posemakers out there who put alot of love into their work whether they are slfamous, or a bit quieter. So please head on down to the fair, I shall be posting a few times this weekend so you have an idea of what my new little store is offering. Thanks so much, Suri.


2 thoughts on “The pose fair cometh

  1. So this is what has been keeping you so busy Gorgeous Girl. You have been hiding your talents under a bushell Dear. Excellent poses, where’s your store? Love the name btw, supercool.

  2. Heya Tracy,
    Thanks so much for your words. I have been just like a cat wrapped up in a ball of yarn. My pose store is on the Camomile Sim. Speaking of cat’s thinking of getting some…rofl, what is going on in the breedable world, I want something cute. : ) Breedables really are like crack. How have you been?

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