Pose Fair Preview…At Odds


The dress I am wearing in the post…I love love love and can be found at Vita Boudoir; actually I would love love love every item there but then I would be poor poor poor. If you haven’t been there, go now, and take gorgeous pictures. The pose is from my pose set At Odds. If you look at my flickr page you can see the vendor image featuring the full set.

The Pose Fair opened to bloggers yesterday afternoon at 12pm SLT, so the feeds should be poseriffic over the next few days. I need to get on it myself. I am planning on blogging my personal Pose Fair releases as well as stores that don’t receive as much press. To be honest whether stores are well known or not there are some incredible posemakers at the Fair; and that is what fairs are for searching out old favorites and stumbling upon new favorites.

-Styling Credits
The Body…
Skin: Hunter Skin-Trinity-/Mystical by Redgrave
Eyes: [:T:] creature eyes :: grey by Tuli
Shape: by Suri.
Hair +base:Avelyne Mystic Cool/ Mystic Warm by *~Damselfly*~*
Lashes:  LesMakeups_Lashes 14 by Miamai
Eyeshadow:Cosmetics-Glittery Smokey Eye by [[Mozz]]
Nails: -SD- Nails-Jade  by Trin Trevillion
Dress: Vita Boudoir Butterfly Dress by Vitabela Dubrovna
(includes Butterflies and headpiece)
Heels: [e] Move Pumps Teal by Elikapeka Tiramisu

Pose: [socialANGtz] *poses by Suri, At Odd’s set, Pose Fair 2011 release

Image taken @ alirium gardens


The pose fair cometh

So…it has been a busy week. I am attempting to get all my ducks in order for the upcoming 2011 Pose Fair…yay!!!! I am a bit scared that people will be like, you should just stick to breathing…and thats it. Hopefully people will like the poses I have been making. Each set comes with a styling card, a loaded stand per set, a poster of the full set and a pose ball (you can dump a pose at a time in), that was all I could think of in reguards to making peoples lives easier. I have tons of poses and have no clue what they look like etc, it is a hot mess in my inventory, and it is a shame because there are so many wonderful posemakers out there who put alot of love into their work whether they are slfamous, or a bit quieter. So please head on down to the fair, I shall be posting a few times this weekend so you have an idea of what my new little store is offering. Thanks so much, Suri.