Excuse Me Please.


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Okay…still feelin’ a bit wonky…so very short post. I feel a rant coming on this week which will be full of my incessant ramblings for the 1 person who reads this (I think it is my mom).

I began this post due to a new release from Gawk!, I received a promotional copy…popped over to the store, and felt out the vibe…Then craziness ensued and I seem to have attacked a crow. The polo dresses/ shirts, are super cute and make me wish my high school had tennis courts, then I could have worn a similar ensemble as above. Sometimes I miss being super moody, cranky, and feeling terribly misunderstood, oh wait…I felt that way two days ago. Okay well here you go…Mom.

Suri is listening to the man…who reminds her so of high school: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34u_3Z9_LUw

Suri is wearing:


Shape-by me.

Skin –Glam Affair -Jadis Dark 05

Hairbase –Glam Affair-Jadis-Hairbase 01 (btw…sometimes I hate skin previews, it makes my fingers itch to by…then I can not, but I also love them…which makes me masochistic)

Hair- Fab.pony “Mei” Hair Black Caviar (sale on dark colored hairs 50% off)

Lashes- .ID. Dollface Lashes *also added Kyoot’s Lash Alpha, Lelutka 2011 Lashes curl

Eyes- .ID. Shine Eyes- Deep Gray

Tattoo- Aitui – To Kill a birt, to kill my soul faded 1

Freckles- cheLLE– (freckles) Freckles Light


Eye shadow –Glam Affair– Holiday Hill Tattoo 05 (holiday fair is over, but maybe the makeups are at the store).

Eye liner- .ID. Metallic Eyeliner-Black


Back pack- [PF] Stictched  Pink Rabbit Backpack

Headphones- AM Radio Vintage Headphones (free) Far and Away installation

Gloves – [addiCt] Doub glove night silver

Piercing- .H.O.D. The Crow’s  Crux-Slide-M (feathers)

Socks- Emery– socks orchid red


Dress- Gawk! Black Polo Dress (new release, promo copy)

Sweatshirt- :SEY Maki2-zip up/check-red/+hem/wide


Sneaks- *ordinary – Tarsius- Cp Limited edition


[socialANGtz] poses- Headphones set (not yet released) Sim is down for repairs.

Taken at  Virtual Decay – used temp prefab rezzer Subway Set *amazing stuff for sims.


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  1. I’m a steady reader too! And I would love to hear more from you! (And no: your mom did not pay me anything for this comment.)

  2. Okay well tune in next week Nenad…wait are you the dude in that picture feeding my mother crumpets. *Has a Liz Lemon moment.

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