Que Linda!

Okay so I know what has been on my mind this week, THE VANITY UNIVERSE SKIN FAIR. I feel as though it has been etched into my eyelids, and I don’t think that I am the only one. In all actuality I think I am somewhat immune to fairs at this point I accept a few facts….

1) Tp’ing into the sim is not an option…due to the fact that I haven’t done anything to merit being invited in before the grand opening…and that all the skin fair zombie’s former gorgeous shopaholic’s have been Released, and are trying to find any tp crack that could occur and take it.
2. I am lazy.
3. I do not want to turn into a shopaholic zombie.
Way’s not to fall to the clutches of any Second Life Fair
1) Do NOT talk to those who have gone to the Fair especially the pre-opening visitors, they are on some Euphoric High, about the loveliness of Fairs. Fairs are lovely….after seven days or so.

2) Do NOT talk to those who tried to get in within the first Four days…they have become Fair Zombies, even if they still look like you and I. They rant, are illogical, and are extremely tired from all that lag they have been eating. Lag has the same sleep inducing chemical as Turkey; if you didn’t already know.
3) Do NOT look at Blogs that feature skin fair reviews, unless you know thou shall not be tempted.

4) Do join Skin addiction group in world created boy Voishie Paine, you can get demo’s of skin fair skins there and here the skin fair blues sung in the very entertaining group chatter.

4) Join the [PXL] Women’s in world VIP group and parade around, whilst straining your eyes camming in on your gorgeous new skin.
I love the concept of fairs, designers you may not be familiar with yaddi yaddi, but they are hell for about a week…so avoid at all costs. I know you want to go, and lag is sounding almost appetizing. Don’t do it!

Fairs are wonderful, but frustrating, and I have a solution for you people out there, one word [PXL]. Mr. Hart Larsson is a smart boy. A week or two ago he released a new skin Linda G3, which I believe is the skin he is exhibiting at the VU skin fair; gave members of his VIP group the oppurtunity to purchase the skin before the fair. Linda G3 is still available for VIP members only currently. The skin display is in a beautiful white room, it is very soothing nothing like what I imagine the VU Skin Fair is like currently. Their is even one of those egg chairs, I love comfort! Mr. Larsson only made one concession, please do not tp non-VIP group members to the white-room-of-skin-happiness. The group membership is really a nominal fee considering you are really treated as a VIP and you receive a ten percent discount on all purchases. When you combine this discount and buy a custom fat pack (3 skins or more, which one should always do, but sometimes I forget and try to be all minimalistic), you save a whopping 30 percent. Challah! (okay I need to lay off the coffee).

Linda G3 is awfully pretty. I also think that Mr. Larsson has made some improvements to the body of the skin. You may be forced to prance around naked when you put her on. I love the fact that [PXL] offers skins that are unique, feminine, womanly, and fierce. I always feel like I am walking down the streets of NYC with my i-pod blaring at 7am on a Sunday morning, which is powerful.

-The details on Linda G3-
-6 skin tones for all you ladies and lady boys out there; ranging from pale to ebony. (pale, light, tan, natural, sunkissed, dark)
-15 skin bases offering a different shade of lipstick in each tone category
-15 cosmetic options- at 100L a pop.
-Each skin come’s with a light brow, medium brow, dark brow option. Cleavage option. Full body freckle tattoo, is also included in the package.

-Vendor Information-
-You can customize your own fatpack and receive 20 percent off.
-[PXL] Skins can also be gifted to a friend, maybe a friend who is  in the last stages of their skin fair zombie transformation.

-Reguarding my images-
I am still new to blogging, photography, everything! I also think I am a bit slow, it takes me forever to get anything accomplished in world. In real life I pride myself on my speediness. This isn’t really a skin review, and is more like a few pictures. Also about post processing there was some in this post, but the reasons why the skins look different is all due to different windlight settings. Strawberry Singh has opened my eyes to all the amazing things that windlight settings can do, recently she has added 10 more of her windlight settings to her website; so if you don’t want to play around on your own but want a place to start…download download. Thank you Strawberry. I  dodged and burned a bit but only the shadows that are present in SL. I also brightened and sharpened the eyes. I used green screen in these images which I don’t dabble in often, but loved the way bloggers like Estella Magic, and Nana Minuet use awesome background textures to make skin’s pop. Add to the list Liquifying shoulders. Point is that I did post process, but didn’t touch the skin…just the sl body wonkiness on the shoulders that make your av look like gumby, and used windlights that kinda got the effect I was after in each image.

-On Suri-

-Suri is wearing-

Skin: [PXL] Linda G3 Tan Nude Lips  LEB P (worn in image 3) [PXL] Linda G3 Tan Nude Lips DEBP (worn in image 2) [PXL] Linda G3 Tan Red Lips LEBP (worn in image 1)

Shape: My own (worn in all 3 images.

Eyebrow shape: Dutch Touch Tekka (worn in all three images)

Hair Base: [Lelutka] -Raizin- Dark Hair (worn in all three images)

Freckles: [PXL] Full Body Freckles *including in skin package (worn in image 3)

Teeth: [PXL] Mouth Add-on (worn in image 1) *marketplace

Eyes: ::Exodi:: Tetra eyes- Natural Leaves (sm/v) (worn in all 3 images)

Lashes: [Lelutka] 2011 Lashes, Natural (worn in all 3 images)

Hair: [Boon] KED937 Hair chocolate (worn in image 1); [Lelutka] ULA 2.o hair bournville (tinted) (worn in image 2); ::JESUIS::HairCare::Soniq (worn in image 3)


Eye shadow: [PXL]  Linda G3 Tan Cat eyes (tattoo) (worn image 1); [PXL] Linda G3 Tan Future eyes tatoo (worn in image 2); [PXL] Linda G3 Tan Dark eyes tattoo (worn in image 3).

Tattoo Lashes: [[MOZZ]] Lashes (V2)-03 (worn in image 1 and image 3); [[MOZZ]] Lashes (V2)-04,06,05 (worn in image 2).


Around the neck: [[SHADE THRONE]] The Beat Konducta Necklace (wornin  image 1); Paper Couture -Treasure Bib (worn in image 2); Paper Couture Bone Feather Necklace (worn in image 3)

In the ears: Paper Couture-Treasure earrings (worn in image 1); Paper Couture-Etched Bell Earrings (worn in image 3)*Tableau is down for renovations. (I can’t seem to get this to link…so if you go to the market place please search Cora Lu.)


Texture: Moroccan clay floor mosaics – texture pack: by Raquel Gagliano *I did play with the shading and saturation of these textures, but they ar really beautiful.


Long Akward Pose– MSrunway series (images 1 and 2)

[socialANGtz] pose- (image 3) (renovating)


Excuse Me Please.


*have joined plurk…http://www.plurk.com/syangtz/invite

Okay…still feelin’ a bit wonky…so very short post. I feel a rant coming on this week which will be full of my incessant ramblings for the 1 person who reads this (I think it is my mom).

I began this post due to a new release from Gawk!, I received a promotional copy…popped over to the store, and felt out the vibe…Then craziness ensued and I seem to have attacked a crow. The polo dresses/ shirts, are super cute and make me wish my high school had tennis courts, then I could have worn a similar ensemble as above. Sometimes I miss being super moody, cranky, and feeling terribly misunderstood, oh wait…I felt that way two days ago. Okay well here you go…Mom.

Suri is listening to the man…who reminds her so of high school: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34u_3Z9_LUw

Suri is wearing:


Shape-by me.

Skin –Glam Affair -Jadis Dark 05

Hairbase –Glam Affair-Jadis-Hairbase 01 (btw…sometimes I hate skin previews, it makes my fingers itch to by…then I can not, but I also love them…which makes me masochistic)

Hair- Fab.pony “Mei” Hair Black Caviar (sale on dark colored hairs 50% off)

Lashes- .ID. Dollface Lashes *also added Kyoot’s Lash Alpha, Lelutka 2011 Lashes curl

Eyes- .ID. Shine Eyes- Deep Gray

Tattoo- Aitui – To Kill a birt, to kill my soul faded 1

Freckles- cheLLE– (freckles) Freckles Light


Eye shadow –Glam Affair– Holiday Hill Tattoo 05 (holiday fair is over, but maybe the makeups are at the store).

Eye liner- .ID. Metallic Eyeliner-Black


Back pack- [PF] Stictched  Pink Rabbit Backpack

Headphones- AM Radio Vintage Headphones (free) Far and Away installation

Gloves – [addiCt] Doub glove night silver

Piercing- .H.O.D. The Crow’s  Crux-Slide-M (feathers)

Socks- Emery– socks orchid red


Dress- Gawk! Black Polo Dress (new release, promo copy)

Sweatshirt- :SEY Maki2-zip up/check-red/+hem/wide


Sneaks- *ordinary – Tarsius- Cp Limited edition


[socialANGtz] poses- Headphones set (not yet released) Sim is down for repairs.

Taken at  Virtual Decay – used temp prefab rezzer Subway Set *amazing stuff for sims.

Oh Brooke

I am a bit obsessed with Brooke Shields at the moment. Actually I am kinda obsessed with the late seventies/early eighties vibe…if you didn’t notice by my outfit. I am even making  a series of jeans poses ala Calvin Klein circa 1983 (I just picked a random date). I am a bit under the weather but I have been editing photos when my stomach subsides from the ocean in Titanic type motions. So here goes…pics and then slurls.


Skin  ::DT:: Megan Fudge

Lashes  ::DT:: Eye Lashes

Eyes  PC Eyes by LL- Gold Flakes M Topaz

Hair 69 Jessica 02-Mocha

Shape Modded ::DT:: Megan Shape


Lipstick ::DT::  Makeup Mensje- Lipstick Fuchia

Eye Shadow ::DT:: Makeup- Eye Makeup- Series 10-nr2


Jeans Emery-Jeans Highwaisted

Shirt TOSL *Highland Plaid shirt top v1.2 Deep blue (smaller of the two options, this is a mens shirt and I believe only at the slurl location linked here)


Boots: Gos– Goscurvaceous in Caramel (love the options you can alter height, width, depth of the boot…the texture, and heel, and if you pick up a few of the paint packages you can have a whole different color boot or just highlight different parts of the boot). Also I think Mon Tissu’s Boots, or *Coco’s over the knee would look great with this outfit.


Ring {theosophy}Vaynor Ring

Necklace {Mon Tissu} Take Flight Necklace- Gold

Belt: *coco slim jeans belt brown-leadon (modded the heck out of this one)

Poses: By Me, Suri Yangtz   Store [socialANGtz]…part of my new stranded series, not yet on the rumor sim. I need a larger store front so that I have more room to place new release pose stands…so coming soon.

Location: Mother Road you can’t rez objects for poses in most locations.