Lost in the Stacks

Often times I find myself searching and searching for places to take pictures…I am a huge blog follower, and often times I am dismayed when I see an amazing location, and yet have no idea where the photo is being shot. Like good ol’ Abe Lincoln I can not tell a lie, I have yet to put a location slurl in my blog. The buck stops here, from now on despite my loathing of putting in links, I shall add another one my second life location. There may be times when I shoot in a studio and by studio I mean a blank textured object, so don’t get your tightie whities in a was if there isn’t a link.

Shopping which I beleive cures all that ails you, actually is a great way to find locations. I am sure all of you smart blogger’s out there have already added it to the blogging bible, but for me I had an epiphany this week. Store owners have put so much work in creating an environment so why not use it, I mean celebrate their creativity and put your own stamp on it by photographing on location.

So this week I finally made it to !!!Wild O thank you Miss Nana Minuet, who linked the store in her blog with The correct slurl. It was a praise Jesus moment. They have some super cute hair styles, hats, and hair assecories. Hair assecories rock, speaking of which people should go check out the recent Lagyo release…awesomeness. I finally broke down and bought a pair of the lates Vive9 boots Rita, a friend of mine was parading around in them for days, I did not kill her and steal her shoes, though it was tempting. I am way too lazy for all that hullabaloo. I also popped into couverture. I love that freakin’ shop. While I was on the sim !!!Wild O is on I saw this little store and picked up a lovely white frilly blouses, I just love a good victorian blouse, maybe I watched way too many reruns of the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode. Details, Details, DeeTaleeZ. DeeTaleez is one of those stores that I forget about and then I rememeber and go there and by half the store. I love the seperates. The pants I am wearing in the post are from details they are high waisted but scripted so I just made the top part super small. The belt comes with the jeans, sooo cute. I also found a very sweet jewelry store they only have a few items but they are just precious. Oh my…when did I start to use the word precious. I am still in love with Dutch Touch, forever and forever amen.

Styling details

Shape: My own

Location: Kurotsubaki
Skin: ::dt::- ::Megan:: Fudge-Basic Cl2 EBBBlack Mo FR HB
Lashes: glow studio-devilicious
Nails: Exodi Manipedis- Mani- Black
Eyes: Poetic Colors by LL- gold flakes- tourmaline
Hat: !!!Wild O -Hunting  Cap (texture change and resizeable)
Hair: !!!Wild O– w/ohair ann black
Cardigan: couverture-Waffle knit cardigan> light blue
Blouse: **M+M**frill Stand-up-collar blouse white
Pants: DeeTaleZ- boyfriend shorts tweed
Boots: vive9 -rita boots black
Bag: LMK -leather hold all bag (the lm I had didn’t work I will update with creator’s name store may be undergoing renovation)
Necklace: ruchicha– Picture necklace cat bronze fem
Ring: LaGyo– Clorie chien ring

Poses: poseur and [SocialANGtz]


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