El Beso

I finally tried out viewer 2…and I don’t mean I tried it out and bitched and moaned. I tried it out and like used it. I still am not a fan of the viewer for every day chillin’ in second life, because it is a bit cumbersome. However I will begin using it for photos. I tried Kirsten’s cuz I know everyone loves it…I was like *scratches her head, as I tried to enable shadows and walk around. Shadows…thou daut haunt me. I want to use shadows I think they look amazing, but I don’t think shadows are the type of thing you wake up and go “Yes today I shall enable shadows and they shall look fabulous!” Instead it is probably a case of…Suri it is finally time to sit down and make some wind settings and maybe make a notecard or two.

So what was the real reason why I caved and installed viewer 2…Kozmetika, that was the reason. Girl, I couldn’t hold out on multiple tattoo layers a moment longer. I tried I did, but having all that make up in one place was like walking into Sephora. I bought like everything. Everything. The creator behind boom I believe came up with the concept and all I can do is applaud. I wish shopping was always like that. Welcome to the skin only sim, or the hair only sim. Then I wouldn’t spend hours combing the grid. Who am I kidding with my lazy ass it is more like parting the grid. I am just forewarning you, you may go makeup crazy.

I am also wearing the lovely dutch touch skin Mensje in Fudge. I love the last three dutch touch releases, if Iki get’s any better I may fall into my computer like Narcissus.

Super cute hair is from Mustache…but let me say… I had to touch up the photo because of way ward hair. Personally I don’t mind it but if you are a perfectionist you might be  like hell to the NO. You perfectionists, would have probably gotten on a pose stand and made the hair non wayward, but for all the lazy people out there…just letting you know.

Shade Throne, these earrings are all jewelry badassness.

Love love this necklace, it is so cute. Carrie Bradshaw circa 2000 I think would agree.

Styling details:

Shape: Mine
Skin: ::DT:: ::MenSje:: Fudge-Basic CL2 EBLight FR
Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes by LL-Gold Flakes-Tourmaline (m)
Makeup: All the following items were purchased at the new Kozmetika.
        *BooM* lOVE ME liner and mascara
        [[Mozz]] Lashes-05
         piddidle lip lacquer– Hooker red with teeth
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer– El beso
Shirt: /Artilleri/ zee tank top
Hair: Mustache– Betty in Blonde 3
Earrings: Shade Throne The Big Knockers Dark Gold
Necklace: MStyle Deer Necklace- Gold