Waldorf Salad

I rarely watch Gossip Girl, and when I do it is because with Sex and the City off the air, where does a girl get a tv fashion fix. Last week I finally began the process of organizing my inventory, to be honest it will probably take till March; because I can only take an hour or two out of each day to event attempt to be productive in world. Maybe if someone called me and hummed the Rocky theme song I could finish in two weeks. While taking a much needed break I hip hopped over to Berries Inc…and found a beyond cute skirt and cardigan. I  tried them on immediately and thought  Smells like the upper east side circa 2000. All that was left was a big ass bow, some super cute preppy shoes, and a sassy pose. Behold a look I am calling The Waldorf Salad. The shoes are from Lelutka, and I know they have blogged to death, but they are sweeeeet.

Let’s pray that with my organizational process in semi swing, that I shall be blogging on a more frequent basis. After all how can you have 24,000 items, but never have anything to wear.

I also want to point out the release of a few new Dutch Touch skins, Megan, Mensje, and Jailah. I am wearing Jailah dark. I love Jailah for many reasons, one is that you rarely see darker skin tones that look soft, often times they all have that supermodel meet queen look. I am not knocking that style but it is nice to have a variety of choices, and I applaud all the skin makers who are taking the time to put out non mainstream skins no matter what the tone. Jailah is sweet and innocent, but a little feisty, I love her and all the new makeups…I can’t wait till I can wear five layers. Yes I am a Phoenix head. Also Jailah comes with the No Eyebrows look which is so hawt. Okay on to the style notes.

Style notes

Shape: My own.

Skin::Dutch Touch:: Jailiah Ebony CafeNoir Basic CL1 EBB MO FR by Iki Ikarus

Eyes: Exodi-Tetra Eyes Naturals(Storm) (LG/v) by Ryker  Beck

Lashes::Dutch Touch:: Eyelashes included with skin by Iki Ikarus

Makeup: Miamai LesMakeups Lashes 02 by Monica Outlander

Hair: !lamb.Chocolate Bars Pack by Lamb Bellic

Hairbow: (TokiD) bow2 funk y (gatchya and vendor)

Scarf: Atelier silk scarf (no glow) *black

Cardigan: Berries Inc. Jacket Bettie light fog

Top: Mon Tissu Park Avenue Top-White

Skirt: Berries Inc. skirt marla grey

Leggings: Lelutka-Leggings/grayscale/socks

Shoes:Lelutka Fame Pumps Pearl Leg warmer plain

Pose: Poseur-Maid Series