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I have been moving around the sl grid…Until a few months ago I had given up on having a residence in sl. A studio…a store, but not a home. The moment I decided to set up a home…I have realized how much work less so then a real life move, but still quite the process. The nice thing about furnishing one’s home is that you get to revisit home and garden land marks, that you don’t typically visit like hair stores, or clothing stores etc.

I meandered over to the MMGGraffiti’s store, and found some wicked stuff. I mean this is a store that recognizes high quality items, beyond reasonable prims at an affordable price. That being said you should haul ass over there .

First off they have this amazing little prefab fully furnished 177prims, and it doesn’t look like 177 prims. The prefab is priced at 1380L fully furnished.

*The Prefab comes in two colors, has various poses whether it be the deck, the bathroom, the kitchen etc. Window shades open and roof shade as well. Very very cute. So on to the inside of this adorable adorable build.

*The toilet even has animations…I didn’t try them out, but damn now I am realizing what wonderful photographic fodder I would have if I had.

*built in poses, Fridge is texture change.

Here are some other super cute finds at the store.

These little bad boys are on several sims, they also come with multipe poses and a few different textures. They are only 6prims, and 388L .


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