Ye olde Odd Ducktress


Sometimes I think of myself as being odd, which some would call eccentric. One of the most annoying habbit I have is thinking something is absolutely horrible, and then after several months I realize that in actuality my first judgement was wrong.

In Second Life, I occasionally make poses, and take pictures. For a long time I have thought that I was untalented in both areas; recently I have been thinking that I am okay…maybe. So from here on out I shall be making more poses and taking photos semi professionally. Meaning I stress out and spend hours looking at an image, and I get a few hundred lindens in return.

Okay enough about that. This Look in my opinion is a bit odd, but oddness is endearing, atleast that is what I tell myself. I mean I just kinda speak without thinking, and this is kinda a look without over styling.  Feel free to im me in world Suri Yangtz if you would like a photo…or something.

*Dutch Touch has released two new skins, for VIP group members there is a 400linden pack. They are both oddly beautiful and sweet, so get your keester’s over there. For all my dark skin laday’s, please join me in the capaign to get a darker skin Mensje…Megan is coming in a darker skin tone, just not yet. Also Iki has some gorgeous makeups which are new. Lets just say watch the lindens fly out of your pocket. While demoing skins, I heard a little birdy whom I beleive is associated with Glamorize, saying that she is inspired to make eyebrow tattoos (The Mensje skin comes with a browless version)…so go head be all in a twitter.

Izumiya: I saw this place in a blog I think, the cool thing about this place they have 25l outfits for the men and the women out there. You can definetly strip them down, they are full outfits, or you can be a lazy bugger like myself and just add the folder when you dont know what to wear.

Mon Tissu: I am really feeling the pants from Mon Tissu, I like  the fit and the details.

Hate me and Eat me. : Big shout out to Miss Riri Bazar…first of all she is beyond nice. She is supa talented, and has a pose store that is extremely kind to photographers and bloggers. By kind I mean she has adorable poses that are freakin affordable, you could probably bring 1000L and walk away with almost the whole store. I am so inspired by her generosity, that I am going to be dropping the pose price in my store beginning the month of february. After all a pose is like a paint brush, and I think that everyone who has the urge to take photos shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Style card

Shape: Fashioned by my own two hands.

Skin: Dutch Touch– MenSje Fudge-Basic Cle1 No brows fr (Iki Ikarus)

Eyes: Poetic Colors-Gold Flakes Tourmaline (Lano Ling)

Lashes: Glow Studio– Devilicious OO (Aneymsk Karu)

Hair/Hair Base: booN– KED 937 Chestnut/Gathered lower hair base Chestnut (boo Nakamura)

Earrings: Shade Throne-Moss Earrings (Undo Hermano)

Necklace: Kosh-The Key Necklace (Lynaja Bade)

Sweater/Pants: Mon Tissu-Softest Cinch Cardigan/Horizon Twill Trousers (Emma Gilmour)

First undershirt layer: Surf Couture– Somer Dress (top) Tomato (Emma Gilmour)

Second undershirt layer: Truth– Sunday Dress Pearl (Truth Hawks)

Belt: IZUMIYA– Fashion Set no. 24

Hat: ++AY++Line– Straw Hat (resized)

Gloves: Yuli – GX Fingerless Gloves Brown (base) (Yuli Orman)

Boots: *Coco– Over the Knee Boots Brown

Bag: Tee*fy– Leather bag brown  50lFri (Azure Electricteeth)

Poses: Hate me and Eat me– (riri Bazar)