Lets get comfy.

I am all about being comfortable in real life and recently I had an epiphany. Why have I bought so much crap in my time in SL, I should just stick to what  I will wear. I think you like stuff and not want to wear it unless your life depended on it. So from hear on out I will only buy things I WILL wear.

The other day I was watching a taped episode of Oprah debuting the Sister Wive’s cast. One of the wives was saying that living with three other women forced them to adress issues like jealously and insecurity, because of the lifestyle they have chosen. This may sound crazy but I think SL is a lot like this because of the nature of the program. You are often faced with the real deal about things in world and either you accept it and better yourself, or you say I am no longer drinking the kool-aid, and leave for good, leave and get a new av, delete every friend on your friends list, leave for a few weeks, rant…Those of us who do stay no matter what reincarnation we are in we accept the lifestyle. Now this all made sense in my head, but I could just be plain ol crazy.

Okay what Suri is wearing.

Skin: Laq

Hairbase: Boon

Hair: Cheerno

Ears: Aitui

Shirt: Truth

Sweater: Niniko

Fingerless gloves: Yuli

Neckwarmer: SMS

Jeans: Surf Couture

Pose: Hate me Eat me.