Lost in the Stacks

Often times I find myself searching and searching for places to take pictures…I am a huge blog follower, and often times I am dismayed when I see an amazing location, and yet have no idea where the photo is being shot. Like good ol’ Abe Lincoln I can not tell a lie, I have yet to put a location slurl in my blog. The buck stops here, from now on despite my loathing of putting in links, I shall add another one my second life location. There may be times when I shoot in a studio and by studio I mean a blank textured object, so don’t get your tightie whities in a was if there isn’t a link.

Shopping which I beleive cures all that ails you, actually is a great way to find locations. I am sure all of you smart blogger’s out there have already added it to the blogging bible, but for me I had an epiphany this week. Store owners have put so much work in creating an environment so why not use it, I mean celebrate their creativity and put your own stamp on it by photographing on location.

So this week I finally made it to !!!Wild O thank you Miss Nana Minuet, who linked the store in her blog with The correct slurl. It was a praise Jesus moment. They have some super cute hair styles, hats, and hair assecories. Hair assecories rock, speaking of which people should go check out the recent Lagyo release…awesomeness. I finally broke down and bought a pair of the lates Vive9 boots Rita, a friend of mine was parading around in them for days, I did not kill her and steal her shoes, though it was tempting. I am way too lazy for all that hullabaloo. I also popped into couverture. I love that freakin’ shop. While I was on the sim !!!Wild O is on I saw this little store and picked up a lovely white frilly blouses, I just love a good victorian blouse, maybe I watched way too many reruns of the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode. Details, Details, DeeTaleeZ. DeeTaleez is one of those stores that I forget about and then I rememeber and go there and by half the store. I love the seperates. The pants I am wearing in the post are from details they are high waisted but scripted so I just made the top part super small. The belt comes with the jeans, sooo cute. I also found a very sweet jewelry store they only have a few items but they are just precious. Oh my…when did I start to use the word precious. I am still in love with Dutch Touch, forever and forever amen.

Styling details

Shape: My own

Location: Kurotsubaki
Skin: ::dt::- ::Megan:: Fudge-Basic Cl2 EBBBlack Mo FR HB
Lashes: glow studio-devilicious
Nails: Exodi Manipedis- Mani- Black
Eyes: Poetic Colors by LL- gold flakes- tourmaline
Hat: !!!Wild O -Hunting  Cap (texture change and resizeable)
Hair: !!!Wild O– w/ohair ann black
Cardigan: couverture-Waffle knit cardigan> light blue
Blouse: **M+M**frill Stand-up-collar blouse white
Pants: DeeTaleZ- boyfriend shorts tweed
Boots: vive9 -rita boots black
Bag: LMK -leather hold all bag (the lm I had didn’t work I will update with creator’s name store may be undergoing renovation)
Necklace: ruchicha– Picture necklace cat bronze fem
Ring: LaGyo– Clorie chien ring

Poses: poseur and [SocialANGtz]


El Beso

I finally tried out viewer 2…and I don’t mean I tried it out and bitched and moaned. I tried it out and like used it. I still am not a fan of the viewer for every day chillin’ in second life, because it is a bit cumbersome. However I will begin using it for photos. I tried Kirsten’s cuz I know everyone loves it…I was like *scratches her head, as I tried to enable shadows and walk around. Shadows…thou daut haunt me. I want to use shadows I think they look amazing, but I don’t think shadows are the type of thing you wake up and go “Yes today I shall enable shadows and they shall look fabulous!” Instead it is probably a case of…Suri it is finally time to sit down and make some wind settings and maybe make a notecard or two.

So what was the real reason why I caved and installed viewer 2…Kozmetika, that was the reason. Girl, I couldn’t hold out on multiple tattoo layers a moment longer. I tried I did, but having all that make up in one place was like walking into Sephora. I bought like everything. Everything. The creator behind boom I believe came up with the concept and all I can do is applaud. I wish shopping was always like that. Welcome to the skin only sim, or the hair only sim. Then I wouldn’t spend hours combing the grid. Who am I kidding with my lazy ass it is more like parting the grid. I am just forewarning you, you may go makeup crazy.

I am also wearing the lovely dutch touch skin Mensje in Fudge. I love the last three dutch touch releases, if Iki get’s any better I may fall into my computer like Narcissus.

Super cute hair is from Mustache…but let me say… I had to touch up the photo because of way ward hair. Personally I don’t mind it but if you are a perfectionist you might be  like hell to the NO. You perfectionists, would have probably gotten on a pose stand and made the hair non wayward, but for all the lazy people out there…just letting you know.

Shade Throne, these earrings are all jewelry badassness.

Love love this necklace, it is so cute. Carrie Bradshaw circa 2000 I think would agree.

Styling details:

Shape: Mine
Skin: ::DT:: ::MenSje:: Fudge-Basic CL2 EBLight FR
Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes by LL-Gold Flakes-Tourmaline (m)
Makeup: All the following items were purchased at the new Kozmetika.
        *BooM* lOVE ME liner and mascara
        [[Mozz]] Lashes-05
         piddidle lip lacquer– Hooker red with teeth
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer– El beso
Shirt: /Artilleri/ zee tank top
Hair: Mustache– Betty in Blonde 3
Earrings: Shade Throne The Big Knockers Dark Gold
Necklace: MStyle Deer Necklace- Gold

Waldorf Salad

I rarely watch Gossip Girl, and when I do it is because with Sex and the City off the air, where does a girl get a tv fashion fix. Last week I finally began the process of organizing my inventory, to be honest it will probably take till March; because I can only take an hour or two out of each day to event attempt to be productive in world. Maybe if someone called me and hummed the Rocky theme song I could finish in two weeks. While taking a much needed break I hip hopped over to Berries Inc…and found a beyond cute skirt and cardigan. I  tried them on immediately and thought  Smells like the upper east side circa 2000. All that was left was a big ass bow, some super cute preppy shoes, and a sassy pose. Behold a look I am calling The Waldorf Salad. The shoes are from Lelutka, and I know they have blogged to death, but they are sweeeeet.

Let’s pray that with my organizational process in semi swing, that I shall be blogging on a more frequent basis. After all how can you have 24,000 items, but never have anything to wear.

I also want to point out the release of a few new Dutch Touch skins, Megan, Mensje, and Jailah. I am wearing Jailah dark. I love Jailah for many reasons, one is that you rarely see darker skin tones that look soft, often times they all have that supermodel meet queen look. I am not knocking that style but it is nice to have a variety of choices, and I applaud all the skin makers who are taking the time to put out non mainstream skins no matter what the tone. Jailah is sweet and innocent, but a little feisty, I love her and all the new makeups…I can’t wait till I can wear five layers. Yes I am a Phoenix head. Also Jailah comes with the No Eyebrows look which is so hawt. Okay on to the style notes.

Style notes

Shape: My own.

Skin::Dutch Touch:: Jailiah Ebony CafeNoir Basic CL1 EBB MO FR by Iki Ikarus

Eyes: Exodi-Tetra Eyes Naturals(Storm) (LG/v) by Ryker  Beck

Lashes::Dutch Touch:: Eyelashes included with skin by Iki Ikarus

Makeup: Miamai LesMakeups Lashes 02 by Monica Outlander

Hair: !lamb.Chocolate Bars Pack by Lamb Bellic

Hairbow: (TokiD) bow2 funk y (gatchya and vendor)

Scarf: Atelier silk scarf (no glow) *black

Cardigan: Berries Inc. Jacket Bettie light fog

Top: Mon Tissu Park Avenue Top-White

Skirt: Berries Inc. skirt marla grey

Leggings: Lelutka-Leggings/grayscale/socks

Shoes:Lelutka Fame Pumps Pearl Leg warmer plain

Pose: Poseur-Maid Series

MMG Grafiti’s Shop

I have been moving around the sl grid…Until a few months ago I had given up on having a residence in sl. A studio…a store, but not a home. The moment I decided to set up a home…I have realized how much work less so then a real life move, but still quite the process. The nice thing about furnishing one’s home is that you get to revisit home and garden land marks, that you don’t typically visit like hair stores, or clothing stores etc.

I meandered over to the MMGGraffiti’s store, and found some wicked stuff. I mean this is a store that recognizes high quality items, beyond reasonable prims at an affordable price. That being said you should haul ass over there .

First off they have this amazing little prefab fully furnished 177prims, and it doesn’t look like 177 prims. The prefab is priced at 1380L fully furnished.

*The Prefab comes in two colors, has various poses whether it be the deck, the bathroom, the kitchen etc. Window shades open and roof shade as well. Very very cute. So on to the inside of this adorable adorable build.

*The toilet even has animations…I didn’t try them out, but damn now I am realizing what wonderful photographic fodder I would have if I had.

*built in poses, Fridge is texture change.

Here are some other super cute finds at the store.

These little bad boys are on several sims, they also come with multipe poses and a few different textures. They are only 6prims, and 388L .

Ye olde Odd Ducktress


Sometimes I think of myself as being odd, which some would call eccentric. One of the most annoying habbit I have is thinking something is absolutely horrible, and then after several months I realize that in actuality my first judgement was wrong.

In Second Life, I occasionally make poses, and take pictures. For a long time I have thought that I was untalented in both areas; recently I have been thinking that I am okay…maybe. So from here on out I shall be making more poses and taking photos semi professionally. Meaning I stress out and spend hours looking at an image, and I get a few hundred lindens in return.

Okay enough about that. This Look in my opinion is a bit odd, but oddness is endearing, atleast that is what I tell myself. I mean I just kinda speak without thinking, and this is kinda a look without over styling.  Feel free to im me in world Suri Yangtz if you would like a photo…or something. http://www.flickr.com/photos/syangtz/

*Dutch Touch has released two new skins, for VIP group members there is a 400linden pack. They are both oddly beautiful and sweet, so get your keester’s over there. For all my dark skin laday’s, please join me in the capaign to get a darker skin Mensje…Megan is coming in a darker skin tone, just not yet. Also Iki has some gorgeous makeups which are new. Lets just say watch the lindens fly out of your pocket. While demoing skins, I heard a little birdy whom I beleive is associated with Glamorize, saying that she is inspired to make eyebrow tattoos (The Mensje skin comes with a browless version)…so go head be all in a twitter.

Izumiya: I saw this place in a blog I think, the cool thing about this place they have 25l outfits for the men and the women out there. You can definetly strip them down, they are full outfits, or you can be a lazy bugger like myself and just add the folder when you dont know what to wear.

Mon Tissu: I am really feeling the pants from Mon Tissu, I like  the fit and the details.

Hate me and Eat me. : Big shout out to Miss Riri Bazar…first of all she is beyond nice. She is supa talented, and has a pose store that is extremely kind to photographers and bloggers. By kind I mean she has adorable poses that are freakin affordable, you could probably bring 1000L and walk away with almost the whole store. I am so inspired by her generosity, that I am going to be dropping the pose price in my store beginning the month of february. After all a pose is like a paint brush, and I think that everyone who has the urge to take photos shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Style card

Shape: Fashioned by my own two hands.

Skin: Dutch Touch– MenSje Fudge-Basic Cle1 No brows fr (Iki Ikarus)

Eyes: Poetic Colors-Gold Flakes Tourmaline (Lano Ling)

Lashes: Glow Studio– Devilicious OO (Aneymsk Karu)

Hair/Hair Base: booN– KED 937 Chestnut/Gathered lower hair base Chestnut (boo Nakamura)

Earrings: Shade Throne-Moss Earrings (Undo Hermano)

Necklace: Kosh-The Key Necklace (Lynaja Bade)

Sweater/Pants: Mon Tissu-Softest Cinch Cardigan/Horizon Twill Trousers (Emma Gilmour)

First undershirt layer: Surf Couture– Somer Dress (top) Tomato (Emma Gilmour)

Second undershirt layer: Truth– Sunday Dress Pearl (Truth Hawks)

Belt: IZUMIYA– Fashion Set no. 24

Hat: ++AY++Line– Straw Hat (resized)

Gloves: Yuli – GX Fingerless Gloves Brown (base) (Yuli Orman)

Boots: *Coco– Over the Knee Boots Brown

Bag: Tee*fy– Leather bag brown  50lFri (Azure Electricteeth)

Poses: Hate me and Eat me– (riri Bazar)

Lets get comfy.

I am all about being comfortable in real life and recently I had an epiphany. Why have I bought so much crap in my time in SL, I should just stick to what  I will wear. I think you like stuff and not want to wear it unless your life depended on it. So from hear on out I will only buy things I WILL wear.

The other day I was watching a taped episode of Oprah debuting the Sister Wive’s cast. One of the wives was saying that living with three other women forced them to adress issues like jealously and insecurity, because of the lifestyle they have chosen. This may sound crazy but I think SL is a lot like this because of the nature of the program. You are often faced with the real deal about things in world and either you accept it and better yourself, or you say I am no longer drinking the kool-aid, and leave for good, leave and get a new av, delete every friend on your friends list, leave for a few weeks, rant…Those of us who do stay no matter what reincarnation we are in we accept the lifestyle. Now this all made sense in my head, but I could just be plain ol crazy.

Okay what Suri is wearing.

Skin: Laq

Hairbase: Boon

Hair: Cheerno

Ears: Aitui

Shirt: Truth

Sweater: Niniko

Fingerless gloves: Yuli

Neckwarmer: SMS

Jeans: Surf Couture

Pose: Hate me Eat me.