Magnolia Fields

Second Life is so strange sometimes. I find myself repeating the same patterns of behavior over and over again. What I find even scarier is how much my rl shortcomings I bring in world.

When I first really decided to live a second life, I went out and bought myself a homestead. I felt liberated. This feeling of liberation quickly turned to fear as I had to learn certain things like landscaping, not just buying tree’s and slapping them down, but actually altering the land. Hours were spent deciding where to put things and 3750 prims which at first sounded gloriously lavish, were quickly used. All in all it took about three weeks for me to feel like I had a home. When I was finished I realized how lonely I was so I tried to get people to inhabit my land for free and then I decided to take on a landmate. Like usual at first I was very pleased with myself, I had set a goal and had met it…then the usual stir craziness began. So I went from quaint cosy cottagey feel…to bold fantasy modern. I was happy again, and my pockets were much lighter. My landmate who had at first been nice company, had four thousand plus friends, well really eleven who were always around, she joined a vamp clan…’nough said. So, I decided maybe it was time to leave my land and just get a large plot on a sim, where I could sit and listen to the ocean. Out I went and rented a 1/4 of a sim. I erected a barn with a little help from a rez box, and went all out with this odd coastal, woodstock, beachy barn theme. I loved it and once again I was alone.

 Man, I totally sound like a loser. Then I had an epiphany, I didn’t need this land, this land was weighing me down. So I left and was weightless for two months, but I hated rezzing things at sandboxes. I swear if you could rez crap everywhere temporarily to open things, people wouldn’t need private land. After I was griefed for the third time in a week while trying to fit my glowstudio lashes.  I thought enough is enough. Mainland…didn’t see that one coming did you. I bought Mainland, I am a premium user, and no I didn’t want a linden house, they are like living in the suburbs, a bit eery. So I went out and spent a week looking at mainland, which I totally use to hate on. Found a great plot cheap, purchased it, and had a place to rez crap, surrounded by god awful builds. I still felt weightless. Then I decided…I should try to take photography more seriously, so I bought a teeny little photo contraption and that is all I had on my land for about four months.

Two weeks ago I did the Spruce up your space event, and drooled over all the new furniture creators that have seemed to pop up over the last year and a half. I was hooked, but my poor mainland just didn’t have enough prims. So, I went out and rented a small plot 937 prims, which I swore was too many, and used them all up, it only took me three hours.

Just like in real life, I have realized how flaky I am flibbergibitting between different focuses, photography, decorating, posemaking, roleplay. I am totally consumed by one thing and then it “gets old” and I  am destractedby something else. It is odd how this has always seeped into my occupation history as well. The question is can I some how extrapolate some deeper meaning and actually change this part of my personality or not.

To be honest I don’t really know…but I am going to try. Okay so this is what I am wearing in this picture, which I took in my new house, I am very proud of it. By it, I am reffering to the house, and yes I will take pictures, but I am not going to do any slurls, just creator of each item. I keep handing out landmarks to my friends trying to get my house voted in as  the “Chill House”, but it is so freakin hard getting your house a “The Chill House Nomination”. *waves sign halfheartedly reads : “Suri’s House, Come chill with me in 2011…”

Lord help me.

Okay what I am wearing…and yes I know my freaking hair is sticking through my neck and there are ways of handling this issue but I am daft and lazy, therefore, can’t be fucked.

Aahhh! I just saw on the secondspaces blog that there is going to be a furniture hunt all items 45lindens, and valued at 500l and up. I am going to have to eat canned soup for a month.

What Suri’s wearing:

Tights- nordic grey/mustard SoManyStyles

Boots- J’s Laceup Short Boots

Lashes: Cheap Makeup-Chubby bottom Lashes

Skirt:beetlebones*chunky monky skirt black

Glasses: Alphavillain-Ripley

Hair: [YunA’s Hair]-YH]-22
T-SHIRT: Pink Outfitters Uber Swirks Tee
Jacket: Pink Outfitters -sera militaryblack
Skin: Lelutka Mila Espresso
Mittens: League Sheepskin Mittens Aubergine pompoms
Socks: Royal Blue Nora Batty Socks in Coal
Piercing: Medley shadow piercing  V2 HORSE SHOE SEPT1 (closed currently)
Eyes: EXODI tEtra Eyes Naturals Ash SM/v
Earrings: Paper couture Sparkling spheres

Poses by riri Bazar