I Heart Audrey…

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, my real life mother…just to clarify. My mother in the words of Zoolander, is “Really Really Goodlooking.” She is not only gorgeous, but she is savvy, full of spitfire, has more energy than an energizer bunny, incredibly caring with a huge heart, and has a sailors mouth to boot. Don’t mess with Miss Audrey. As a child, all it took was that one look, and I would be off scurrying to my room. I know people often describe this one look, and over exaggerate. Ununh…no overexageration here, my Mother has dropped grown men with that one look, you can ask my former boyfriends. My mother says whatever is on her mind, she doesn’t care if you are embarrassed, and always declares that YOU tell her like it is about her behavior. Confident, humble, and just a dash of crazy, Miss Audrey is. We have always had one of those full of love but tumultous relationships, no one can make me laugh harder, make me consider planning homicide, make me want to commit myself, or make me think I will never love someone so much like my Mom.

It is fitting that today, so close to my Mother’s birthday [PXL] released Kasumi a gorgeous skin that comes in Natural, Sunkissed, Light Tan and Tan. The skin is unique, just like my Mom, and also like my Mother, the features of the skin are a blend between African and Asian features. Holla…all you Blasians out there.  I love the skin and the different colors it comes in I selected Tan, which is a little light compared to my actual skin tone in real life, and a bit darker than my mother’s skin tone. Many  thank you’s to the creator behind this new release, for acknowledging the fluidity of ethnicities, and creating a gorgeous skin that honors my mother’s families heritage. I feel at home in this skin chile.

Breaking it down about the [PXL] Kasumi release.

Skintones: Natural, Sunkissed, Light Tan, Tan

Makeups: 16 base with different lipstick options, when you purchase a skin (2 versions hair bases,cleavage, bald, and a hair base attachment)

Shadows: 16 individual eye shadows, which you can mix and match with your prefered hair bas of choice.

Purchase info: You can join the group (250L) Joining Fee and receive 10 percent off the eye makeups, and 20 percent off  each skin purchased. There is also a vendor where you can create your own custom pack, you have to choose a minimum of three, the pack is discounted thirty percent (if you are also a vip member) total, very cool for everyone out there who is very selective about makeups.

Preview of lipstick options on Kasumi Skin Tan: Coffee, Pink, Nude

Preview of Lipstick options Kasumi Tan (top to bottom): bricklips, winelips

Eyeshadow example on tattoo layers *I like muted eyeshadow, so mine are rather mod, but there are 12 other examples so you should really go see them in person. Clockwise: Blackeyes, Cateyes, Fire Eyes, Spring Eyes. Here is a link to see all the shades, Click me if you love eyeshadow

Also I wanted to point out that Boon…whom I love, has new hair out.  I believe there are  five new hair bases. 2 for the guys or sassy girls, and 3 that are perfect for ponies, and updos. They have also released a few super cute hair attachments up until November 20th, you can get all of these items 50 percent off…So run, you got 3 days left. Also LAQ has a new super cute flexy pony tail, and if it aint that new it is new to me.

Clockwise : Boon, LAQ, Boon.

What the hell is Suri wearing in that first pic… (I know you all are thinking dayumn, that bitch made us scroll all the way down, it is because Suri is mad lazy)

Shape: I made that.

Pose: First Picture (DelMay), Headshots [socialANGtz] Poses

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi Bricklips

Eyes: Exodi-Ash

Hair base: Boon gathered raised in brown

Hair: LAQ HB updo #01 Brown

Lashes: Glowstudio Devilicious 00

Earrings: Paper Couture Sparkling Sphere’s

Jacket: Phoenix Rising Bree Jacket (Having 25l sale)

Dress: The Secret Store Scottish Dahlia

Stockings: Shiny things FREE thigh highs

Shoes: *coco* pumps and socks brown