Sometimes Things are so much more interesting from behind

This is my first taken from behind photo. I know it isn’t a full shot, but over the last few weeks, I have found myself getting more interested in photography and less interested in just posting the requisite three images I have been doing of an outfit. I understand that it is important to content creators to have your whole look featured. I will always list what I am wearing, but I would rather spend time, trying to get one good shot, versus pushing myself to get several images, that might be of lesser quality. Also this way I think I will be able to post more frequently. *crosses fingers

I love this dress…I think it is a dress, or perhaps I am just wearing it as one. The dress is from Pig, and from the front it is awfully cute, white, but could easily be cutsiefied up, or mixed with more edgy assecories. You could toss a leather jacket over it, and pair it with leggings or stockings and ankle poots. Personally I went for an in between look, because I paired it with lace cropped leggings from Fishy Strawberry, and J’s Thigh High boots. I love love love, this particular pair of  J’s boots because they have just that right combination of being sexy and powerful but not in an overhanded way. I wanted the emphasis to be on the dress, which is amazing besides being versatile, I love the handpainted bodice, and the ribbon in the back, the sculpts are a little choppy but I wouldn’t care if it looked like a sculpt out of the Flinstones era.

I love PIG, really I think that the creator has such an interesting perspective, you always feel like she has put a lot of thought and care into her designs, not mass producing looks in 4000 colors. etc.

Sometimes a girl just has to wear white, especially after engaging in a bit of dirty activity.

Now on to the hair…It is from Uncle Web, and I love this hair. First off if you are a girl like me, meaning, you prefer to wear short hair over long hair than you must go to Uncle Web if you have not been, and drag some friensd with you, so that you can have a demo party. I love this particular hair. It has a flexy prim in the front, so it moves, which is a rarity amongts very short hair does. It is such a cute pixie cut, and a manly pixie cut for the boys out there.

The skin…is LAQ Mima. I was a little apprehensive about this skin, like I wanted to love it, but then when I demo’ed it a few weeks ago I just wasn’t in a Mima mood. Sometimes with skin’s I feel like it is all about the mood, perhaps this is why I go through so many of them. I wear a skin for maybe a week or two at most, though wearing darker skin tones, there is a little less selection than for tan or fairer complexions. If I wasn’t a black girl. I would probably go skin insane, and just be nude in every post. At first I thought Mima, was too bubblegum for me, I like pretty, but I prefer interesting. Maybe it is because the first time I tried on Mima I was wearing longer hair, but I tossed on a short wig, and ran to the wall and picked up some blonde eyebrows, and was like I am loving this. I know strong eyebrows are the thing right now, but I am just so excited about having the brow tatoo option, please let me have my fun. Let me also say that LAQ does some slamming hair bases especially around the nape of the neck, I mean look at that picture, I didn’t smooth it doesn’t it look real like baby curls.

The Ears…Aitui, This was another fashion burp. Like I have demo’ed these things randomly for almost a year now, thinking can I pull this off. Why can’t I get my ears to look natural, I look like crap, then I would break down into skin matching hysteria, and it would be a wrap. I purchased the Rozoregalia, earrings the one that  have rings going up up up, and I love them, but they  are a bitch and  half for me to get right and no I am not editing linked parts, do you want me in  a padded room somewhere eating powdered Lithium. So…I broke down and went back to Aitui, low and behold I bought the ears, I prayed, Please God, let me get these too look good. I, brace yourself, read the notecard, and immediately realized where I went wrong. You have to shape your av’s ears to the product not the other way around. So now I am blisfully happy, but know I am going to want more of those freakin sculpted ears. I am such a sculpted body part freak, when they come out with a sculpted butt, I shall be the first one in line. I also recognize that my ears are a bit off in this pic. The details, sometimes when you are focused on a bigger picture you totally miss out on the little things. So,  in the future I will try to be more mindful

Piercing….though you can’t see it is from  this little shop on Rumor. I am totally going back, and I may even schmooze this creator, I love her piercings so, really they are incredible. First off they don’t take hours of editing that in of itself is genius. Secondly they have great detail and shadow but they are simple. I mean I dont really need 45 holes in my face most days now do I. Often times I feel like a lot of piercings are too fussy, with their linked shadows. A week can go by and you can find me still playing with my piercing.

Taped hands…there are several variety of taped hands in this pack some with nail polish, more coverage, less coverage. I don’t know why I think taped hands are so hot, but I do.

Thanks for listening people, what is playing over my itunes

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