The Picture:

To be honest I am not musically gifted much to my parents chagrin. I have tried to play a few instruments, but I am a lost cause…unless we are talking Guitar Hero. In Second Life, I like to pretend I am very musical, with a jazz sensibility that harkens back to the 1940’s on the streets of New Orleans. I have an overactive imagination, I have heard that only children often suffer from this malady.

About what I am wearing

Skin: One of my most favorite things at the moment is the Glam Affair skin I am wearing in this post.  I purchased this skin at TDR, but a few days ago. I liked it so I purchased the fat pack of Sofia Dark version 2 from the store. This is my first skin fat-pack purchase… did I just hear the sound of baby angel’s singing.

The burgeoning photographer in me loves Glam Affairs skins. They are like butter baby…The makeup options are so diverse, which I think is paramount when deciding to purchase a fat-pack. The brows are strong, and the lips, my god the lips. I am thinking of making out with myself, and yes I did say that out-loud.

Clothes: In general I have never been a girly girl, occasionally I get gussied up, but for the most part I just like to wear what I want to wear. I don’t want to look pretty. Pretty isn’t something that I aim for, perhaps because I have always been described as interesting or exotic, which I think in my case is just a “holder” for awkward.

Suri is wearing:

Jacket and shirt: *Argrace* tailored Jacket (F) Type-A
Boots: *Kookie* Armada Dark Chocolate
Skin: TDR Sofia Dark Glam Affair
Eyes: ::Exodi:: Tetra Eyes-Naturals (Storm)
Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture-Cafe SHorts- Black 1
Belt: Emery-Pyramid Belt Black
Gloves: Emery– Grass
Hair: booN FTN683 chestnut
Brooch: LaGyo_Floss Brooch Gold
Tights: Maitreya Tartan Tights
Jewelry: Paper Couture (Bird ring, Sparkling Spheres Stud)
Glasses: Reek-Augie Glasses
Cigarette: Hermony– Special blend Pink
Poses: Glitterati (piano) and *Everglow*


2 thoughts on “Major/Minor

  1. OMG Suri!! I suppose it is the only guarantee you’ll be kissing a winner though lol. I love the hair, it has me in knots of desire. I’ll be logging just to get me one of those pretty birdy rings though.

  2. Tracy, it warms the cockles of my little shopping addicted heart to read your comment. Thanks so much, and see ya in world.

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