Fall cleaning…Ho!!!

I hate to clean, and don’t even get me started on organizing.

No really, sometimes I think I might saw my own foot off, not with a power saw mind you, but like one of those old school rusty saws; in exchange for never having to clean anything ever again. I have seen enough sci-fi films to know that in the future I won’t need that foot…cybernetics.*Puts the saw away*…Blood doesn’t clean itself.

I know I have stated the importance of cleanliness, and organization in a few of my previous posts. How it will make me a more efficient blogger, how I won’t spend hours getting dressed, how I will finally wear a different pair of shoes in a post. But the actual process of organizing totally sucks, idea good…process sucks. I mean the idea of organizing and cleaning, and shall I say it…detoxifying is good for the soul…right. It sounds good; however now that I have started the process I have begun to think randomly searching for things isn’t so bad. Hey maybe you weren’t meant to find that piece of paper, or that shirt, or your tax returns…

So thus far I have gone through the following “Fall cleaning” stages. 1) Horrified by inventory, 2) Euphoric decision to make inventory tidy, 3) Cultish notions that cleaning will change everything, 4) religion, to ask for God’s help…cleaning angel send one rapido, Padre 5) Blogged about the positive effects of cleaning, 6) Procrastination…feels bolstered by other people’s messy inventory stories 7) Bitch and moan, current phase and transitioning into, the fuck this phase. I feel as though I have made real progress.  If you don’t hear from me much in the next few weeks, I have lost the battle, please tell my dogs, Raul and Lucia, that I loved them.

Motivational music, which is absolutely necessary. Santogold-Guns of Brooklyn


Earrings: [[SHADE THRONE]]
Eyes: Exodi
Lashes:Glow Studio- Deviliscious
Hair: [CheerNo]
Skin: [Lelutka] Lola w/Metallic Blue Lipstic Tattoo
Over Shirt : Aoharu
Shirt: Emery
Jeans: Meriken
Bag: Meriken
Shoes: Ubu
Poses: Glitterati