Zap Mama

So…I am feeling rather proud of myself, since I have been somewhat productive this week blog wise. You know my motto, set low standards then it is very easy to feel impressive. Currently I have been consumed with the notion of productivity in both worlds, how it is so easy to let things slip away. I thought about it, and I think my problem is organization. So my hope is that in becoming organized in both lives, I will finally be able to slip a reign over time’s mouth, and my life will beeasier.

I digress. I have been listening to Zap Mama, an awful lot, in the car, on my iPod. Her voice is like a liquid. So in honor of Zap Mama, I have put a look together that I think she would appreciate, if not wear in real life. Personally, I think the whole Afro pop and Neo Soul, movement,  may not get the credit it deserves. Man I wish I had seen Zap Mama, for 5 bucks at Celebrate Brooklyn! in Prospect Park. How come it takes moving away from something to realize all the things you took for granted?

Zap Mama with Erykah Badu: BandyBandy


Hair: Vanity Hair (Venice Black), is it not Frieda Khaloliscious, not sure if Frieda would appreciate licious being added to her name…but it is what it is. Vanity Hair has some of the most interesting hair creations in sl.

Skin: Lelutka IFE, love the red lips now if only my skin tone wasn’t wonky in this life, and I could actually wear this color. Let me also say that the Lelutka Lola, lip tattoos, are ah-mazing.

Eyes: Exodi (Mist)

Earrings/ Lashes: Glow Studio/ Glow Studio TDR

Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]]- assecories…drools

Tattoo: [HUZ] -Henna, love this tattoo so versatile

Bracelets/rings/nails: [Mandala] If you, like myself have had prim nail nightmares, run…run to Mandala. First of all let me say that I have started to understand how important quality asesscories are, and have been stocking up ever since.

Dress: aDiva, summery goodness

Poses: oOo Studio