A Pirate’s Life For Me?

So…I like to roleplay. I don’t know if it is because I watched way too much bad 80’s Sci Fi movies as a kid, such as The Beastmaster, Flash Gordon, The Arnold Sci-Fi collection. I was sickly, and therefore spent a lot of time indoors.

I yearn for the type of action and adventure that is no longer possible in real life unless you want to end up in jail, or happen to know someone with a time machine. Needless to say I have sought out roleplay opportunities in Second Life, but I think most communities make the new kid totally feel like the NEW KID.

Interaction is minimal, you make mistakes, not because you are an idiot but because, well SL can be a bit like high school. People have told me all kinds of things like you need to be more confident, just keep approaching people. I hate dating in real life, so I am going to have to pass on that approach. I don’t want to have to chat people up on an RP sim. I don’t want to dedicate my SL to RP. That is not the life for me. Yes I understand that people come and go quite frequently in RP communities, especially the new comer’s, but that in my opinion is a two-way street. So, I decided to dress up like a Pirate, because I am sorry being a pirate is cool, well unless you do it in real life ..with machine guns, on tiny little boats, that is not cool. Back to the whole Pirate thingy, there is something so romantic about the prospect of being at sea, just you and your crew, against the world. Well as you can see in the pictures it’s just me…but you get my drift.


Listening to Adam Ant Dog Eat Dog…because he likes to dress like a pirate like me

On Suri

Skin: LAQ Aline

Lashes: GlowStudio

Hair: Truth

Dress: Evie’s closet…fabulous, because she does formal wear, for roleplay, and for any type of fantasy av wear.

Hat , Eye patch, neclace and earrings: ~Illusions~

Gloves: Nonna Hedges*amazing circus inspired complete outfits

Rings: Paper Couture