On the cusp of Fall

The other day while taking my dogs for a walk, in the relentless heat, and thought why isn’t it Fall. Oh yeah, I now live in the south. Fall doesn’t exist.

I love the Fall and the Spring, and the rest well it can go to hell. Okay, I relent, I do like winter, but after two months, it becomes monotonous. Before I moved to the south… I used to know it was fall because the hipster’s are in bloom. I normally curse at the mere thought of hipsters, but now I miss the sight  of their little beanie covered hair, ironic t-shirts, swathed in plaid, because it is fall and the look of dis-contentment on their faces (that isn’t seasonal).  So I tried to channel the hipster slumming it on the mean streets of an upper middle class gentrified neighborhood. Took the pics in Perdition, in case you were wondering.

Just for laughs: The Hipster Olympics

Music: Tv on the Radio-Wolf Like Me


Skin: Redgrave Zuri, you photograph beautifully dahling…muah muah!

Lashes: GlowStudio

Hair: Cheerno, I luv’s men’s hair

Eyes: Exodi

Glasses: Primoptics, color changeable

Shirt: Armidi

Scarf: Maitreya

Earrings: Rozoregalia

Tattoo: Eponym

Arm Warmers: Maitreya


Bag: Lelutka


2 thoughts on “On the cusp of Fall

  1. Beautiful photo’s, but is the shape a personal one or Redgrave?

  2. Hey BerryJuice!

    The shape is my own. I play around with shape a lot, some more succesful than others. Feel free to contact me in world if you would like a copy I can twist it a bit, so we aren’t walking around looking like Attack of the Clones Part Deux.
    In world Suri Yangtz.

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