The Wasteland

When I was younger I was soo into the sequal to Mad Max, yes I realize the first film had more post apocalyptic goodness, but Mad Max Thunderdome, had Tina Turner. Tina, is the quintessential Survivor, and can sing like no other. One of my favorite song’s by Tina is River Deep Mountain high produced by Phil Spector. Wall of sound blahdi blahdi. This is the song I sing while drunk and make my friends “doodoo doodoo” in the background as I take the “stage”. They are so nice to humor me.
As a kid I would don my mother’s heel’s and slap this blue 80’s punk wig re-purposed from Halloween. I thought the wig was very Tina; I would perform my little heart out, and being an only child, my lack of talent didn’t seem to matter to the adults privy to my dancing and singing. Aww youth, you can get away with anything.

A post apocalyptic future always seems plausible— so why not think about what you are going to wear. Today seemed like a good day, to toss on some skin baring clothing, because resources are scarce in post apocalyptic society they can not be wasted on BALL GOWNS! Slide on a tattoo, since the post apocalyptic is full of gangs and lack of identification documents. This tattoo represents “the losers” *flashes a big ol’ L. Feeling pretty good about my look, and thinking Tina would approve, cuz she loves light colored wigs, I tp’ed over to The Wasteland sim, and you know what I had a blast lookin’ all sad and shit, and wonder where my damn hero was. Evidently he did not get the memo…maybe rehab had him tied up.

River Deep Mountain High 


Hair: Lelutka, (oldie but goodie)

Skin: Glance (all about the face)

Eyes: Exodi

Lashes and earrings: Glow Studio

Outfit: HOF (great place to go to if you want to explore the avant garde on a tight budget, the quality is not quite up to Lelutka prim wise, but the creativity and inspiration is so there)


Tatto: [HUZ-TAT’s]

Poses: Dare