Just to get…

Cue the EMO!

Do you ever just not feel good enough….It happens to me on an increasingly alarming basis. When I look at both of my life’s I often feel like I don’t measure up to my standards. Emphasis on the my. I often times think I feel this way because in rl I tend to be controlling, impatient, and highly focused on whatever is going on in the present. I don’t see the bigger picture. I don’t see life as a journey. I am all about the now. I hate day’s where I am filled with self doubt, but I take solace in the fact that being honest, and putting it out there makes me feel a bit better. I totally suck at times, but hey don’t we all? I think it is time to have a Whitley Gilbert moment, and brush myself right off, “Relax…Relate…Release!” I will just repeat this mantra a few times. Some times you just have to work a little harder to let it all go.


So what is a girl to do when she feels like life has her in the crapper…log into Second Life and play dress up of course.. Get By (remix). I love you Talib Kweli. Brooklyn!


L‘ensemble-since this is a pseudo fashion blog when I am not on my soap box Hair: [EGO] 

Skin: Dekade 

Eyes: Exodi

Lashes: Glow Studio Devilisicious (dude you so read my mind, liner and lashes…heart skips a beat)

Shirt- fri.day crew neck

Jeans: Zaara

Feet: Slink

Bracelet: *Blitzed Chorus Bracelet Zombie Popcorn



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  1. Love that look Suri. You look gorgeous. Don’t let the turkeys down, sending love you way Girly.

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