What it is…is what it is.

 I have spent a lot of disjointed time in Second Life, due to leaving and returning over and over again. Second Life for me often times feels the way you do before you head out for a night of drinks with your friends.

You say to yourself as you leave your apartment; “Self, four drinks will suffice for this evening out, you will not consider alcohol a form of water…you will not steal the karaoke mic, and hold it hostage…you will not make out with that guy you know you will never see again because you can. Then before you can say Jiffy Pop, you’ve smoked a pack of cigarettes, downed twelve tequila shots,  have your tongue down the throat of some guy named Bob. Bob, if you are reading this, I really had a lovely time, and I hope that upchucking on you as you shoved me into a cab didn’t ruin the moment.

So on my recent return to SL I said “Self you will be disciplined, and find ways to channel you’re a.d.d.. You will not get caught up in other people’s bull shit, nor will you hang around the haterade cooler…You will meet new people and not go back and forth between being scared of your own shadow, and beating people with an onslaught of words…You will not spend more than 2000L a week on clothing.”

*Looks at her hands uncomfortably trying not to think about her proposed clothing allowance*.

Well point being is that…I have been feeling really good lately in SL, and actually following my own advice, I am a bit worried that the earth is no longer spinning on it’s axis, but really things have been going well. I have met some SANE  people, Two, but still that is technically some… who inspire me, and inspire me and inspire me some more. I have been branching out and rediscovering the fashion world of SL, with a little help from my friends. All together now “Thanks Friends!!”

Could it be that I am becoming a responsible adult in both worlds…It should be noted for the record that haven’t really gotten that spending allowance down, but progress is progress…in the spirit of all that is American.

I would like to thank Miss Bety Dudek for the next few posts, she has been sending me lm’s, which I explore love and then spend more lindens than I should.

*pushes the button on her boom box… Zap Mama and Erykah Badu

The Look

Hair: Vanity

Skin: Laq 

Lashes: Glow Studio TDR 

Eyes: Exodi 

Earrings and Bracelets: Creamshop

Dress: Donna Flora

Belt: Lelutka

Jacket: Aoharu 

Shoes: Orange Creations 

Poses: DARE