Harajuku? (I figure if Gwen Stefani could do it, why not a lil’ Black girl from Brooklyn.)


Announcer: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, In this corner weighing in at *insert random weight* , rocking mini buns, a hoodie, and yellow jeans we have Suri Yangtz! *Enter’s the ring slides across the floor, doing her best James Brown imitation*

In the words of Nina Simone, the chanteuse, remixed: I am Feelin’ Good

You might be wondering why I am so excited or hyperactive…guess what I am totally going to fill you in. I love malls. Not scary suburban wasteland malls, where people walk around like zombies, but Second Life Malls. You know why, because you never know what you are going to find. Below I am going to leave you two links to two malls I have been frequently recently. My big tip, if you love a store, check out the designer and go to their main store. It is amazing what you may find.

Oh the places you will go!


Malls slurls



Suri is rockin’

Gothicatz–Rock out- sculpted belt

Lelutka-Stella Jeans/yellow

Exodi– Tetra Eyes

TDR Blue Glow -StudioGlam Eyelashes

Laq– Aline
Ubu– Dunks
(*Aglaiai*) Cherry Head Piece
Creamshop -Silent bamboo earring metal
Poses: on sight in world animations at the Creamshop sim





2 thoughts on “Harajuku? (I figure if Gwen Stefani could do it, why not a lil’ Black girl from Brooklyn.)

  1. Dang girl, you are a Nina Simone fan, too!!! I knew there was a reason we clicked. Hey have you heard her live version of Ain’t Got No…I’ve Got Life (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUcXI2BIUOQ) or Don’t Smoke In Bed (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfpwaq9R40c). MASTERFUL! It sucks that the recordings of her stuff are all so rough. Her ability to convey feelings on all levels but particularly emotional pain are just so present, so raw! Her voice makes me FEEEEEL even sometimes when I don’t want to do so. But I LOVE the Feelin’ Good link you put in this article and it totally has me feeling good!

  2. I love Nina Simone, love her love her love her. I love her because she is from an era of female musicians and chanteuse’s that didn’t need to be perfect. That performed because their souls cried out for creative release. Nina didn’t have to be airbrushed, or spin her personal image. Her voice said it all, and her music was about living, the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs. I am going to listen to the links that you posted right now, simply because I am having one of those melancholy days, and need to feel as though there is someone who understands. Nina always understands.
    See ya soon,

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