Hi…Hello…Do you like my Headphones?


I love headphones. Really, these have been surgically attached to my head for like two weeks now. Yes, I would shower in these bad boys and risk electrocution. All you have to do is ‘click wear, and instantly you feel cool; like Stevie Wonder in the 70’s cool, not Stevie Wonder in the early 90’s cool. Feel free to IM me about where you think the dial would land on the cool o’meter for Stevie in the 80’s. Yes, I did just call him Stevie. What? Didn’t you know that all black people know each other…


Okay back to the subject matter at hand, head phones. *Points to her gorgeous headphones, These were free. Okay, I am sure you are brimming with excitement when you heard those words, and if not I am brimming enough for the both of us.


So there is this amazing artist in SL, AM Radio. The LM is listed at the end of the monologue. Pop in to find a box on a chair near a table, yes be prepared for a little “Where is Waldo action”. Bingo, these Headphones will be yours, there is a pair for girls, and a pair for boys. If you do indeed pick them up feel free to contact me, we can meet up, and share our love of headphones.


The rest of my ensemble, except for the pants and the boots, is from The Dressing Room. Je t’aime Le Dressing Room. No really it is the most awesome thing since sliced bread… It is like eating a bag of baby carrots for a shopaholic; instead of still feeling like you just ate a snack bag of baby carrots, after said bag is gone… you feel like you ate something that you used fire to cook. Sorry for all the food references, food is like 75 percent of my reality. You can spend, spend, spend, and yet have very little guilt. The only downside is that everyone will be “wearing” what you are wearing for a few weeks. Just wait it out. Every time I venture over to the TDR, I try to buy as many items as I can, because it pushes me to piece together looks with items that I wouldn’t always gravitate to.


I also want to say that the Glam Affair skin, is beautiful, unique, traffic stopping, and looks good on a variety of shapes.


Also, just a little forewarning, Fab.Pony, is  totally freakin’ awesome for photographing, and they have some super cool styles, without having to worry about hair shooting out of your shoulder, when you change poses.  Some things shine in photographs, but aren’t as conducive to rockin’ on a day-to-day basis, I am just sayin’. Because sometimes I get a bit disconcerted when you look at a blog, and your heart is like ‘me wants’ and then you try on said item and cry because there is no magic moment




I love when people blog their TDR looks. So here is mine.



Skin-TDR – Glam Affair Sofia

Eyes: Exodi

Lashes- Redgrave

Hair- Fab.Pony.TDR

Headphones- AmRadio

Pants- Zaara

Boots- J’s

Poses- Glitterati

Tattoo-Huz Henna

What is streaming through my earphones: Janelle Monae 


4 thoughts on “Hi…Hello…Do you like my Headphones?

  1. Love this look … but you know I do … but you got to share which AM sim has the phones :D spread the love share the SLURL :D I want to have a headphones party widcha

  2. Thanks doll! I have been having the hardest time copying slurl’s recently. I don’t know why, it happens to me occasionally. *Crosses fingers and hopes that today, I will finally be able to hunker down and slurl it up…links and all.

  3. Oh, let me know next time we see each other in world, I will walk you through the process of updating your URLs of any type through the WordPress software. I am sure once you see it done once you will never again have an issue barring a system breakdown on the WordPress side of things.

  4. Love Janelle Monae! Woo wish I could dance like that. Love your blog Suri. You are such a talented piccer. Sorry I’ve been to distracted to catch up. Hope we can soon. ttfn

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