Does it really Matter if You’re Black or White…

I have been away from SL, because…well because. I decided to log in and immediately felt the need to change the way I look. I feel the need to look different a few times a month…Yes, I am a sick individual.

I kept camming myself and one word described my appearance ‘craptastic’.

After checking the blogs, because I like being poor. I realized there hadn’t been a new darker tone skin released in my absence. Force to wander the grid, like a hobo in sweats nary a hair on my head. It was a sad sight.

I ended up in LAQ. I don’t normally wear LAQ skins, they are beautiful; but skin’s are like finding a boyfriend, everyone has deal breakers.

A  lot of ladies, and ladies with a little something extra, wear LAQ( I shouldn’t try to market anything ever).

Uniqueness is like gold in SL. I am aware that there was a time when there were hardly any dark toned female skins. I am aware because people like to say that over and over again.

I know it is hard for designers to get the pigment right.

Yes, I am also aware that it has been even harder for males lookin’ for dark skins for their av’s.

Can we get an Amen for our darker complexioned sisters and brothers and those who just want to be chocolat-ey in SL! I feel as though Al Sharpton has invaded my body.

Point is…that I was in LAQ (follow my randomness people)  saw a skin, that was gorgeous, and relatively new “Aline”, but didn’t come in ebony, I was like “Why…Lord..Why”. On further inspection I saw that the skin did come in Cocoa. I thought to myself, cocoa powder is brown, right? Once again my culinary education aided in my purchase process.

I tossed Aline on, and thought damn, do I look ‘dark enough’. I don’t think most people have this conversation with themselves.

You know…despite the fact that Second Life is a world with dragons, werewolves, furries, little people, amazons, Goreans, vampires…people get all up in yo’ business when you are a black girl in rl…wearing a non-black skin. It isn’t everybody. I have had a few comments made from people who know I am a black girl behind the computer.

Person who is black in RL and who knows I am black:  “You’re Black…what’s up with the skin.”

On a different day I was wearing a tan Lelutka skin, because I liked it and bought it, and met up with a friend who is white in real life.

Person who is white in RL and who knows I am black was like “Why are you wearing a white skin?”

Evidently Suri wearing a non “black skin tone” causes people of different ethnicity to think the same. Tune in tonight for the 11 o’clock news report.

I felt the need to defend myself in both circumstances BECAUSE I didn’t want to be misunderstood; then I thought does it really matter? I can’t rock pink hair one day, and a black afro the next in real life either. Scientists get on this immediately.

I understand the importance of representing. On this blog I will mostly “represent”  because there are like 5 million blogs in SL and maybe 10 percent showcase non-fair European-y skin tones. I would say less.

What I really want to know…really, really want to know…is if people of other ethnicity get flack for wearing a different skin tone.

I am black in real life. I know I am black, the mirror tells me I am black. I feel black. I love being black. I also love being a Black American. I embrace my skin color, culture, history, and hair texture with pride.

That being said, SL isn’t RL. Let me say that again SL isn’t RL.

Some people see their AV as a mirror of themselves. I see my AV as an aesthetic creation that can change from moment to moment.

I don’t like to stay in one aesthetic arena. Here are two points I want to make  SL darker complected skin tones don’t reflect the real world.

Black people aren’t all dark-skinned, and white people, aren’t all blonde hair and blue-eyed. If you look at black people, twenty people off the street, we come in all different shades, with different hair textures etc. If you snag twenty different people from any particular ethnic group, and yes we are all ethnic, you will find that people vary a lot. I like a lot of brotha’s and sistah’s out there do not come from a family where everyone is one skin tone. My family is like a packet of skin toned skittles. I realize the fluidity of ethnicity pertaining to skin color and culture.

I am not advocating Color Blindness. I am just saying I don’t think Black is wack because I am rocking a certain skin for a few days, weeks, or months. Second point…variety. Yes there are a lot more “black” skins on the market but often times if a skin maker makes 20 skins maybe a quarter at most will be darker toned. I like variety. I don’t like feeling like “ooh pretty skin.” Wait hold up…this skin is not brown, or brown enough, I cannot wear this “Take it away.” Clap Clap.

I like to support designers who are making darker skin tones, because I think it is dope, and a lot of them are so striking, but I think, that we need to open our minds, and embrace diversity. In this day in age, with the globalization of society, we have a lot of people who don’t fit into a socially constructed box, why should SL be any different.

So back to LAQ, I cammed myself wearing Aline, I thought “I look brown…I think”. Should I buy this skin because of the discussions that may or may not follow? Well I did, because donning a skin in SL doesn’t affect one’s consciousness.

Regarding the style. I loved this Armidi bathing suit. The shoes are Moody’s (certified by runway models everywhere). I never visit Moody’s. Due to the fact I know I will be threaten other people’s sanity with a monologue about price and shoes in SL. The hair! My god do I love this hair, it is Medusaliscious. The texture is amazing. Yay Boon! Your “natural textures” rock my world. Hey you designer’s out there, consumers like other hair textures besides glossy straight. Big shout out to all the designers who have been making locks, fro’s, and frizzy goodness.

Maybe choice is the great equalizer.

As Bobbie Brown once said, “It’s my prerogative”.

Much Love,




Lashes- Redgrave


Swimsuit- Armidi

Shoes- Stiletto Moody

Necklace- Glow Studio-The Dressing Room

Earrings- Rozoregalia

Poses- Glitterati

MySoundtrack music *hits play on her boom box. Little Dragon-After the Rain


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  1. Love it.. both pieces you have done. I am so proud of you. You have such a wonderful start … :D

  2. Ais, you are beyond sweet. You inspire me to get my creative juices flowing, and to live both live’s without apology.

    You are your own brand of awesomeness.

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