The Picture:

To be honest I am not musically gifted much to my parents chagrin. I have tried to play a few instruments, but I am a lost cause…unless we are talking Guitar Hero. In Second Life, I like to pretend I am very musical, with a jazz sensibility that harkens back to the 1940’s on the streets of New Orleans. I have an overactive imagination, I have heard that only children often suffer from this malady.

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Fall cleaning…Ho!!!

I hate to clean, and don’t even get me started on organizing.

No really, sometimes I think I might saw my own foot off, not with a power saw mind you, but like one of those old school rusty saws; in exchange for never having to clean anything ever again. I have seen enough sci-fi films to know that in the future I won’t need that foot…cybernetics.*Puts the saw away*…Blood doesn’t clean itself.

I know I have stated the importance of cleanliness, and organization in a few of my previous posts. How it will make me a more efficient blogger, how I won’t spend hours getting dressed, how I will finally wear a different pair of shoes in a post. But the actual process of organizing totally sucks, idea good…process sucks. I mean the idea of organizing and cleaning, and shall I say it…detoxifying is good for the soul…right. It sounds good; however now that I have started the process I have begun to think randomly searching for things isn’t so bad. Hey maybe you weren’t meant to find that piece of paper, or that shirt, or your tax returns…

So thus far I have gone through the following “Fall cleaning” stages. 1) Horrified by inventory, 2) Euphoric decision to make inventory tidy, 3) Cultish notions that cleaning will change everything, 4) religion, to ask for God’s help…cleaning angel send one rapido, Padre 5) Blogged about the positive effects of cleaning, 6) Procrastination…feels bolstered by other people’s messy inventory stories 7) Bitch and moan, current phase and transitioning into, the fuck this phase. I feel as though I have made real progress.  If you don’t hear from me much in the next few weeks, I have lost the battle, please tell my dogs, Raul and Lucia, that I loved them.

Motivational music, which is absolutely necessary. Santogold-Guns of Brooklyn


Earrings: [[SHADE THRONE]]
Eyes: Exodi
Lashes:Glow Studio- Deviliscious
Hair: [CheerNo]
Skin: [Lelutka] Lola w/Metallic Blue Lipstic Tattoo
Over Shirt : Aoharu
Shirt: Emery
Jeans: Meriken
Bag: Meriken
Shoes: Ubu
Poses: Glitterati

Zap Mama

So…I am feeling rather proud of myself, since I have been somewhat productive this week blog wise. You know my motto, set low standards then it is very easy to feel impressive. Currently I have been consumed with the notion of productivity in both worlds, how it is so easy to let things slip away. I thought about it, and I think my problem is organization. So my hope is that in becoming organized in both lives, I will finally be able to slip a reign over time’s mouth, and my life will beeasier.

I digress. I have been listening to Zap Mama, an awful lot, in the car, on my iPod. Her voice is like a liquid. So in honor of Zap Mama, I have put a look together that I think she would appreciate, if not wear in real life. Personally, I think the whole Afro pop and Neo Soul, movement,  may not get the credit it deserves. Man I wish I had seen Zap Mama, for 5 bucks at Celebrate Brooklyn! in Prospect Park. How come it takes moving away from something to realize all the things you took for granted?

Zap Mama with Erykah Badu: BandyBandy


Hair: Vanity Hair (Venice Black), is it not Frieda Khaloliscious, not sure if Frieda would appreciate licious being added to her name…but it is what it is. Vanity Hair has some of the most interesting hair creations in sl.

Skin: Lelutka IFE, love the red lips now if only my skin tone wasn’t wonky in this life, and I could actually wear this color. Let me also say that the Lelutka Lola, lip tattoos, are ah-mazing.

Eyes: Exodi (Mist)

Earrings/ Lashes: Glow Studio/ Glow Studio TDR

Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]]- assecories…drools

Tattoo: [HUZ] -Henna, love this tattoo so versatile

Bracelets/rings/nails: [Mandala] If you, like myself have had prim nail nightmares, run…run to Mandala. First of all let me say that I have started to understand how important quality asesscories are, and have been stocking up ever since.

Dress: aDiva, summery goodness

Poses: oOo Studio

A Pirate’s Life For Me?

So…I like to roleplay. I don’t know if it is because I watched way too much bad 80’s Sci Fi movies as a kid, such as The Beastmaster, Flash Gordon, The Arnold Sci-Fi collection. I was sickly, and therefore spent a lot of time indoors.

I yearn for the type of action and adventure that is no longer possible in real life unless you want to end up in jail, or happen to know someone with a time machine. Needless to say I have sought out roleplay opportunities in Second Life, but I think most communities make the new kid totally feel like the NEW KID.

Interaction is minimal, you make mistakes, not because you are an idiot but because, well SL can be a bit like high school. People have told me all kinds of things like you need to be more confident, just keep approaching people. I hate dating in real life, so I am going to have to pass on that approach. I don’t want to have to chat people up on an RP sim. I don’t want to dedicate my SL to RP. That is not the life for me. Yes I understand that people come and go quite frequently in RP communities, especially the new comer’s, but that in my opinion is a two-way street. So, I decided to dress up like a Pirate, because I am sorry being a pirate is cool, well unless you do it in real life ..with machine guns, on tiny little boats, that is not cool. Back to the whole Pirate thingy, there is something so romantic about the prospect of being at sea, just you and your crew, against the world. Well as you can see in the pictures it’s just me…but you get my drift.


Listening to Adam Ant Dog Eat Dog…because he likes to dress like a pirate like me

On Suri

Skin: LAQ Aline

Lashes: GlowStudio

Hair: Truth

Dress: Evie’s closet…fabulous, because she does formal wear, for roleplay, and for any type of fantasy av wear.

Hat , Eye patch, neclace and earrings: ~Illusions~

Gloves: Nonna Hedges*amazing circus inspired complete outfits

Rings: Paper Couture

On the cusp of Fall

The other day while taking my dogs for a walk, in the relentless heat, and thought why isn’t it Fall. Oh yeah, I now live in the south. Fall doesn’t exist.

I love the Fall and the Spring, and the rest well it can go to hell. Okay, I relent, I do like winter, but after two months, it becomes monotonous. Before I moved to the south… I used to know it was fall because the hipster’s are in bloom. I normally curse at the mere thought of hipsters, but now I miss the sight  of their little beanie covered hair, ironic t-shirts, swathed in plaid, because it is fall and the look of dis-contentment on their faces (that isn’t seasonal).  So I tried to channel the hipster slumming it on the mean streets of an upper middle class gentrified neighborhood. Took the pics in Perdition, in case you were wondering.

Just for laughs: The Hipster Olympics

Music: Tv on the Radio-Wolf Like Me


Skin: Redgrave Zuri, you photograph beautifully dahling…muah muah!

Lashes: GlowStudio

Hair: Cheerno, I luv’s men’s hair

Eyes: Exodi

Glasses: Primoptics, color changeable

Shirt: Armidi

Scarf: Maitreya

Earrings: Rozoregalia

Tattoo: Eponym

Arm Warmers: Maitreya


Bag: Lelutka

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The Wasteland

When I was younger I was soo into the sequal to Mad Max, yes I realize the first film had more post apocalyptic goodness, but Mad Max Thunderdome, had Tina Turner. Tina, is the quintessential Survivor, and can sing like no other. One of my favorite song’s by Tina is River Deep Mountain high produced by Phil Spector. Wall of sound blahdi blahdi. This is the song I sing while drunk and make my friends “doodoo doodoo” in the background as I take the “stage”. They are so nice to humor me.
As a kid I would don my mother’s heel’s and slap this blue 80’s punk wig re-purposed from Halloween. I thought the wig was very Tina; I would perform my little heart out, and being an only child, my lack of talent didn’t seem to matter to the adults privy to my dancing and singing. Aww youth, you can get away with anything.

A post apocalyptic future always seems plausible— so why not think about what you are going to wear. Today seemed like a good day, to toss on some skin baring clothing, because resources are scarce in post apocalyptic society they can not be wasted on BALL GOWNS! Slide on a tattoo, since the post apocalyptic is full of gangs and lack of identification documents. This tattoo represents “the losers” *flashes a big ol’ L. Feeling pretty good about my look, and thinking Tina would approve, cuz she loves light colored wigs, I tp’ed over to The Wasteland sim, and you know what I had a blast lookin’ all sad and shit, and wonder where my damn hero was. Evidently he did not get the memo…maybe rehab had him tied up.

River Deep Mountain High 


Hair: Lelutka, (oldie but goodie)

Skin: Glance (all about the face)

Eyes: Exodi

Lashes and earrings: Glow Studio

Outfit: HOF (great place to go to if you want to explore the avant garde on a tight budget, the quality is not quite up to Lelutka prim wise, but the creativity and inspiration is so there)


Tatto: [HUZ-TAT’s]

Poses: Dare


Just to get…

Cue the EMO!

Do you ever just not feel good enough….It happens to me on an increasingly alarming basis. When I look at both of my life’s I often feel like I don’t measure up to my standards. Emphasis on the my. I often times think I feel this way because in rl I tend to be controlling, impatient, and highly focused on whatever is going on in the present. I don’t see the bigger picture. I don’t see life as a journey. I am all about the now. I hate day’s where I am filled with self doubt, but I take solace in the fact that being honest, and putting it out there makes me feel a bit better. I totally suck at times, but hey don’t we all? I think it is time to have a Whitley Gilbert moment, and brush myself right off, “Relax…Relate…Release!” I will just repeat this mantra a few times. Some times you just have to work a little harder to let it all go.


So what is a girl to do when she feels like life has her in the crapper…log into Second Life and play dress up of course.. Get By (remix). I love you Talib Kweli. Brooklyn!


L‘ensemble-since this is a pseudo fashion blog when I am not on my soap box Hair: [EGO] 

Skin: Dekade 

Eyes: Exodi

Lashes: Glow Studio Devilisicious (dude you so read my mind, liner and lashes…heart skips a beat)

Shirt- crew neck

Jeans: Zaara

Feet: Slink

Bracelet: *Blitzed Chorus Bracelet Zombie Popcorn